IMIA-WG4 (SiHIS) 2009 workshop

Main Theme

"Trustworthiness of health information ... Issues in security and system management for patient safety"


To what degree are OECD 8 Principles reflected in patient information systems?

SiHIS - Security in Health Information System - has a long history of working conference that it is originated from the conference "Realization of Data Protection in Health Information Systems" held in the year 1976. On that year, IMIA - International Association of Medical Informatics - funded to establish the working group 4 and in 1979, the first working conference "Data Protection in Health Information System - Consideration and Guidelines" was held. The title of this working conference clearly states the obligation of SiHIS that it should pose a guideline for the use of health information. The data protection was the original target of discussions. But, as the advent of the new society that will be coming within the next decade where each individual can control his own health record, any protective measure may not work. As the members of workshop belonging to IMIA-based working group on security of health information systems, we tackle with how to use and protect patient information from various positions such as medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists, specialists of social medicine, and system engineers. Especially, our focus is the current contribution of ICT(Information Communication Technology) to patient-centered healthcare based on "individual-participatory outline" which OECD 8 principles stipulate.

Here in this workshop, we should seek a new solution to reach an idealistic society where each individual can trust the information under full understanding and the responsibility about the use of the information. That is "beyond the paternalism".

Kiyomu Ishikawa, M.D. Ph D. (Hiroshima Univ.)

Koji Yamamoto, Ph D. (Suzuka Univ. of Medical Science)

Francois A. Allaert, M.D. Ph D. (Univ. of Liege)

Yoshiyasu Okuhara, Ph D. (Kochi Univ.)



21-24, November 2009


Hiroshima Canvas, Hiroshima Institute of Technology
& Hiroshima International Convension Center, Hiroshima, Japan

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