The Fourth Jellyfish Bloom Symposium Proceedings To Be Published in Marine Ecology Progress Series

We are pleased to announce that we have arranged for the proceedings from the Symposium to be published in the Theme section of Marine Ecology Progress Series. The leading journal in its field (2011 Impact factor 2.711), MEPS covers all aspects of marine ecology, fundamental and applied and therefore covers many aspects of jellyfish blooms including microbiology, ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem research, biological oceanography, ecological impacts on fisheries and aquaculture, and resource management.

Guest editors for this special issue will be Shin-ichi Uye (Conference Organizer, Hiroshima University, Japan -, Rob Condon (Dauphin Island Sea Lab, USA - and Kylie Pitt (Griffith University, Australia - and will work with a MEPS editor (to be determined) to have the proceedings published by spring 2014. We would like to publish 10-15 papers on a variety of jellyfish topics that should be of interest to the wider MEPS readership. All papers must adhere to journal and authorship guidelines and will be subject to the usual peer review process. Please refer to the MEPS website for more information:

In addition, we thought it would be a good idea to have a written debate in the style of the 'As We See It' section that would address both sides of a hot topic in jellyfish research (to be determined). Authors for the debate papers will be identified in advance.

We anticipate the timeline for the proceedings to look as follows with a finish date of Spring 2014:

  • Preliminary list of papers generated in advance of June 2013
  • Deadline for submission in Oct/Nov 2013
  • Reviews completed by Dec 2013/Jan 2014
  • Authors complete revisions Feb/March 2014
  • Articles in press by March 2014

If you plan on submitting a manuscript to the proceedings please let one of the guest editors know so that we can get a headcount together for MEPS. Please let us know if you have any questions or require any additional information. We look forward to receiving as many papers as possible.

See you all in Japan!

Best wishes,
Rob, Kylie and Shin