Scientific Program

Symposium Program

Oral Presentations

In order to allow the sessions to run smoothly, and in fairness to all speakers, please note that all presentations are expected to adhere to the time allocated (15 min total). All authors should designate about 3 minutes for questions (within the 15 min total). Authors can download their presentations straight to the computer in the oral presentation room (Dahlia 1) way before the start of each session. In this case, please rename your files time-name.ppt (e.g., 0900-Uye.ppt, 1630-Lindsay.ppt). If complications occur due to incompatibilities between PCs and Macs, Mac owners may use their own computers to make presentations.

Poster Presentations

The maximum size of the poster is 85 cm (horizontal width) x 119 cm (vertical length), i.e., portrait orientation. The posters will be on display for almost the entire duration of the symposium (until 1100 June 7) in the poster presentation room (Dahlia 2). Two evening poster sessions/receptions will take place on Days 1 and 2. At these sessions, poster presenters are expected to be available to answer questions. All coffee/tea breaks and receptions will be held in the poster area to maximize opportunities to view the contributions and to interact with the presenters.