Dr. Takumitsu Kida and Yui Kushima received Excellent Poster Award at the 8th Asian Polyolefin Workshop (URL). Congrats!
Takumi Harada recieved two best presentation awards at the 34th symposium of SPSJ chugoku-shikoku branch and the 8th Joint Conference on Renewable Energy and Nanotechnology (JCREN 2019). Congraturations!
A special lecture by Prof. Walter Kaminsky (Hamburg Univ.) was held.
The first work at the current position by Dr. Takumitsu Kida about mechanical properties of star cycloolefin copolymers was accepted for the publication in Polym. Chem. doi. This article has been selected as the front cover picture of issue 41 in 2019 (URL). Congraturations!
A research paper by Dr. Yanjie Sun(Visited us in 2017-2018) about copolymerization of ethylene and fluorinated norbornene was accepted for the publication in Macromol. Chem. Phys.doi.
A research paper by Samiul Islam Chowdhury about the copolymerization of norbornene and styrene using Ni catalyst was accepted for the publication in Polymers as a part of special issue "Catalytic Polymerization" (doi). Congraturations!
Dr. Tanaka received Award for Encouragement of Research in Polymer Science from the society of polymer science, Japan.
A research paper by Yuuya Okajima about the preparation of methylaluminoxane from CO2 was accepted for the publication in Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. (doi).
Dr. Takumitsu Kida, JSPS research fellow, joined our group.
A research paper by Kenshi Ikeda about butadiene polymerization behavior of a series of iron-pincer complexes was accepted for the publication in Chem. Lett. (doi).
In addition, a collaborative work with Prof. Zhengguo Cai (Donghua University) about the optical/physical properties of triblock cyclic olefin copolymers bearing functional groups appeared in ACS Macro Lett.
5 new undergraduates joined.
A research paper about preparation of neodymium alkylborohydride complexes and their application as catalysts for polymerization of conjugated dienes, which is a collaborative work by Yuto Shinto and Ryusei Matsuzaki was accepted for the publication in Dalton Trans. (doi). The paper was contributed to the special issue "New Talent: Asia-Pacific, 2019". Congrats!
A special lecture by Prof. Daisuke Takeuchi (Department of Frontier Materials Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Hirosaki Univ.) was held.
A research paper about modification of PLLA stereocomplex crystal was published in Kobunshi Ronbunshu (doi).
A special lecture by Prof. Takashi Sawaguchi (Nihon University) and Dr. Daisuke Sasaki (San-ei Kougyou Ltd. ) was held..
Akane Shimmei received a Poster award at the 33rd symposium of SPSJ chugoku-shikoku branch. Congrats!
Mingyuan Li, from Donghua University (Laboratory of Prof. Cai Zhengguo),joined us as a visiting student.
Congratulations Shogo Hosomi for receiving a Presentation Award at the joint symposium of JSPS research group on green chemistry/FSRJ!
A special lecture by Dr. Atsuyoshi Nakayama and Dr. Norioki Kawasaki (AIST, Biomedical Research Institute) was held.
Research papers about star assembly of polyolefins by Naoki Tonoko and modification effect of MAO with phenol/silanols by Takayuki Yamashita et al. was accepted for the publication in Polym. Chem. and Kobunshi Ronbunshu, respectively(doi1, doi2). Congrats!
A special lecture by Prof. Sadahito Aoshima (Department of Macromolecular Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka Univ.) was held.
A research paper about synthesis of highly branched polyethylenes from various alpha-olefins is accepted for the publication in Organometallics doi.
Suo Hongyi, from Chinese Academy of Science (Laboratory of Prof. Wen-Hua Sun), and Kenichirou Okamura joined our group.
Dr. Tanaka received an incentive award from Ube Industries.
5 new undergraduates joined.
A special seminar by Prof. Zhengguo Cai (Donghua Univ.) was held.
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