Activate Can-Do Spirit!

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Research fields covered by electronics have made progress at an extraordinary pace and have greatly contributed not only to engineering but also to other disciplines including medicine, agriculture, economics, and even art. However, successfully making progress through assiduous efforts to follow a clearly laid out roadmap is a thing of a past and vastly different strategies are required. Today, systems that we build are becoming ever more complex and new technologies are constantly being developed to support them. Human communities scattered across the planet now have improved means and plenty of opportunity of interacting with one another thanks to advances in electronics. Even in the times of such drastic changes, it is personal development that forms and will continue to form the basis of the progress of society. Evolution of society and advances in technology will not automatically produce well-developed individuals, but those individuals who strive for their own intellectual and moral development will most likely benefit society and future generations. The ultimate goal of academic societies is to provide a platform for helping each member’s self-development. To that end, I would like to make our laboratory a more attractive platform for personal development.

Three essential concepts
in the Frontier Integrated Systems Laboratory

1.Believe in growth

The ability of individuals is not necessarily determined by nature. Ability through the efforts evolves without limit. A mindset that the ability can grow without limit by the effort has been referred to as a “growth mindset“. Growth mindset increase the future ability. Even if the current ability is insufficient, you can grow significantly if filled with effort little by little. Stack of small successful experience will be a big confidence. Believe in the growth, let’s continue the effort.


In humans, there are neurons called mirror neurons. The mirror neurons are used to mimic and empathy. For humans to obtain a very high learning ability compared to other animals, this mirror neuron has helped a great deal. Even if you want to challenge new things, you must be started from the work to mimic something. However, it is quite different from a mere copy and paste work. Mimic leads to learn. To take advantage of the mirror neurons, let’s learn classical ideas in the beginning. Eventually, it will lead to the power to create breakthrough on their own.

3.Accomplish a purpose

Academic, physical and intelligent abilities are fragment of the current personality. However, they do not necessarily predict future ability. By intention, such as motivation, energy and competitive spirit, you can change the future. As a result, it will be important factors that determine the future success. Even if you encounter difficulties, intention not to give up and to continue their efforts until the last is called “grit“. This grit is said the key to social success. Even when faced with difficult problems, your intention to get over it becomes important.