Research Area

Human Geography

Tourism Geography

Teaching Subjects

General Education:

Regional Geography, Human Geography

Undergraduate Course: Ecological Geography of Europe; Seminar in European Geography; Practical in Area Studies

Graduate Course: Social Environmental Studies: Sustainable Tourism


Tourism geography

Sustainable tourism

Marine leisure and tourism

Tourism development in Japan

Citizen participation in urban development in Japan and Germany

Titles of master and doctor thesis

Master thesis

The creation of a wider tourism area in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture: the influence of municipal merger on tourism

A tourist destination seen from Japanese and foreign tourists: a case study of Hida Takayama

A study of the Role of Charters in Sino-Japan Tourism

New festivals and regional societies: a case study of High Seoul Festival in Seoul and Flower Festival in Hiroshima

The destination image and tourist space of Takayama and Shirakawa as seen in tourist information sources

Accommodation facilities in traditional buildings: case studies from the Seto Inland Sea Area

Tourism and cultural heritage preservation in Siena, Italy

The creation of inbound tourism destinations in the Seto Inland Sea Area

The contribution of elderly volunteers to tourism space management in Miyjaima

The role of tour guides in tourist destination management

Doctor thesis

The role of historic cities in the development of tourism in the new states of Germany

Japanese environmental volunteer tourism

A Study About Young People's Overseas Travel Behaviour - Focused on Japanese and Korean university students

Festival participation and tourism