Members in Aquatic Invertebrates Research Group


photoKaori Wakabayashi (Associate Professor)
Email: kaoriw (at)
My interests are in the life history and its evolutionary patterns of marine invertebrates. Current main research projects are to develop (1) a technique for sustainable seed production of slipper lobsters and (2) a technique for land-based production of sea urchin roe.

Home country: Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture
Favorite aquatic animals: Astropecten latesponisus (sea-star), Ibacus novemdentatus (slipper lobster), Cavolinia uncinata (pelagic snail), etc.
Hobby: travel
Interview: Interview with professors


photoMohamed Al Wahaibi (Doctoral)
Home country: Sultanate of Oman
Favorite aquatic animals: sea urchin, sea-star, jellyfish, nudibranch, spiny lobsters, shrimps
Hobby:football, mountain climbing, travelling, reading
Research project:Unusual Aggregation of jellyfish in the Seto Inland Sea: is there a relation to high resistance to hypoxia?

photoMikito Inoue (Master)
Home country: Mie
Favorite aquatic animals: jack mackerel
Hobby: fishing
Research project: High-quality roe of Heliocidaris crassispina can be produced by using an appropriate feeding regime regardless of sea urchin age
Newspaper article

photoAkari Yoshimoto (Master)
Home country: Ehime
Favorite aquatic animals: jellyfish, giant isopod
Hobby: board games
Research project: Taxonomy of Dendrogaster (Crustacea: Thecostraca: Ascothoracida) infecting sea-stars Research Paper

photoHiroaki Shigemori (Master)
Home country: Chiba
Favorite aquatic animals: blunt slipper lobster, olive flounder
Hobby: scuba diving, travel
Research project: Studies on the nutritional requirements for growth of achelate larvae

photoKenta Suzuki (Master)
Home country: Kyoto
Favorite aquatic animals: aucha perch, cory catfish
Hobby: photography, riding motorcycle
Research project: Phototactic response to different light intensities in phyllosoma larvae of two species of genus Ibacus (Achelata: Scyllaridae)

photoHiroki Nakajima (Undergraduate)
Home country: Hiroshima
Favorite aquatic animals: dolphin, jellyfish
Hobby:football, travel
Research project:Ecological factors inducing the gregarious settlement of planula larvae of Aurelia coerulea

photoChiho Hidaka (Undergraduate)
Home country: Hiroshima
Favorite aquatic animals: penguin
Hobby:manga, watching anime
Research project:The true identity of a scyllarid nisto larva obtained in the Ogasawara Islands: Based on DNA analysis and morphological observation

photoNarumi Sawada (Undergraduate)
Home country: Aichi
Favorite aquatic animals: clam, whale
Hobby:going on a driving, trying a delicious food
Research project:in preparation

photoKosuke Sugita (Undergraduate)
Home country: Aichi
Favorite aquatic animals: turtle
Hobby:watching sport games
Research project:in preparation

Research Assistant

photoBenjamin Yew
Home country: Singapore
Favorite aquatic animals: jellyfish, lobster
Hobby: driving


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