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Personal Profile

Tokyo University Gradutate School (Docter Course)
Toho Medical College (Lecturer)

Hiroshima University Education College
Associate Professor
Professor ( Exercise Physiology and Biomdchbics)
Professor Emeritus in 2008
Medical Doctor

The 15th Japanese Antatctic Over-Winter Party (Medical doctor)
Pennsylvania State University USA ( Invited researcher for biomechanics)
Beijing Education College, China (Invited lecturer)
Shanghai Physical Education College (Advisory Professor)
Japan Skiing Federation (Board member)
Asian Council of Exercise and Sport Science ( Former president)
Japan Biomechanics Society (Board member)
International Olymoic Committee (Biomechanics board member)
Hiroshima Prefectural Gymnasium (Sport Science advisor)
Hiroshima City Primary School Citizen Board member

Translation "Sport Physiology"author: Fox, Taishukan Publisher
"Exercise Physiology"shared author, Taishukan Publisher etc.

Listening to music, Walking, Skiing, Kendo(Japanese fencing)

1st Asia-Pacific Conference
on Coaching Science
 (APCOCS 2014)
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