GMT on Mac OSX 10.2 using FINK (from source)

This method does not work as of May 20, 2003. See this page for an alternative way.

As of November 2002, "install_gmt" script supplied by GMT homepage
cannot complete GMT install on Mac OSX 10.2. Please use fink instead of
the script. Installation has been successful in Mac OSX 10.2.1, 10.2.2, and
10.2.3 as of January 2003. Many Thanks to Dr. Kengo Miyahara, Kyoto, Japan.

1. Install Mac OSX 10.2 and update to 10.2.3 [10.2.2 is troublesome.]

2. Install Developer Tools for 10.2 [July 2002 or later version].

3. Set new root password using
[localhost/-] yourname% sudo passwd root
Password: (administrator's password)
New Password: (new password for the root. This may be the same as the administrator's.)

4. Install fink following the steps in the page below:

5. Install gmt with this command in Terminal:
[localhost/-] yourname% fink install gmt

6. GMT files are all in the /sw/ directory.
Download full resolution coastline data and move to /sw/share/

7. Restart to start GMT. Enjoy!