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Recent research topics
A) Long-term observation of energy, water and carbon balance in several successional forests in cool-temperate climate area.
B) Evaluation of the effect of climate extreme events on net CO2 exchange in forest ecosystems.
C) Assessment of dynamic change in canopy metrics using near-surface and remote sensed digital canopy photography.

(1) Field observation (Data monitoring from meteorological and biogeochemical approaches)
(2) Data analysis (Integrated analysis of flux and inventory data, Digital image processing)
(3) Numerical works (Modeling, Data model fusion)

Field observation
*Evaluating factors that regulated ecosystem CO2 exchange in a deciduous forest in northern Hokkaido

(a) Digital image analysis to detect impacts of climate extremes on ecosystem canopy recovery.
(Toda et al. 2018 published in Canadian Journal of Forest Research)

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(b) Artificial typhoon-mimic experiment

A large number of leaves and branches were removed by hand to simulate a defoliating disturbance that actually occurred by a huge typhoon in 2004 in a cool-temperate forest in northern Japan. The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of climate extreme on the carbon cycle and foliage recovery in the forest (Toda et al., 2011 JGR-Biogeosciences; Toda et al., 2018 Can. J. For. Res, see above).
In the mimic experiment, we wanted to assess the recovery process of leaf photosynthesis and morphological and physiological traits following the defoliating disturbance. (Toda et al. 2018 published in

IMGP1771   IMGP1790   

** Evaluation of annual variations in GPP and soil respiration in a warm temperate forest in western Japan.

Keyword: Carbon balance, late-successional beech forest, soil respiration, data model fusion.

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(This photos were taken in Mt. Takanosu, one of our field sites, Higashi-Hiroshima, Japan)

*** Data model fusion to detect impacts of extreme weather on ecosystem responses in central Germany.

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This is a joint research with Prof. Alexander Knohl (Bioclimatology laboratory, Georg-August University of Goettingen, Germany).

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