The “Kanata” project in Hiroshima University (2005~)


“Kanata” is a 1.5-m optical and near-infrared telescope that is dedicated for time-domain astronomy. The goal of the project is to understand astronomical transients and variable sources through prompt follow-up observations and long monitoring for them.

Project site: Kanata telescope (HASC)

Grant: JSPS Kakenhi No. 21K03616 (2021-2023), 22540252 (2010-2013), 19740104 (2007-2009), and 18840032 (2006-2007).

Data Science in Astronomy (2013~)


I have an interest to apply modern data analysis technique, in particular, sparse modeling,  hierarchical Bayes model, MCMC, and Gaussian process, to astronomical data.

VSNET (Variable Star NETwork) (1999~2004)

“VSNET” is a network for optical transients and variable stars operated by Kyoto University. It covers a various kinds of variable stars, for example, cataclysmic variables, active galactic nuclei, X-ray transients, and gamma-ray bursts, and providing a mailing-list system for sharing their information.The VSNET system was one of the pioneers of modern  time-domain astronomy in the internet-era. I was a member of administrators of VSNET when I was a graduate student in Kyoto University.

Project site: VSNET