last update on Feb. 27th, 2002

Koji's Digital Mapping Homepage

at Orovada Trench, Santa Rosa Range, NV, U.S.A.

What can I do with an EDM theodorite (Total Station) and GMT?

Surface ruptures and offset associated with Aug-17-1999 Izmit earthquake.

Offset lines of tea trees during 1891 Great Nobi Earthquake, Japan

What is GMT?

Koji's Gallery of GMT maps.

GMT homepage at SOEST, Hawaii University

How can I install GMT?

Mac OSX using GMT install script

Mac OSX using Fink (pre-compiled binary packages and package manager utility)

Pre-compiled Windows executable package on Mac OS9 / OSX using Virtual PC 4 / 5 (slow for rasters)

Pre-compiled Windows executable package on Windows 98, Me (Install & operation manual in preparation)

These easy-to-install Window package is ready for download from GMT homepage.

Short Course on digital mapping

in GSA Rocky Mountain Section Meeting in Cedar City, Utah

Introduction to Field Digital Mapping for Geology and Geomorphology using EDM
(Total Station) and GMT (Generic Mapping Tool). Fri., May 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Room 016,
Science Building, SUU. Koji Okumura, University of Hiroshima, Japan. Max.: 20; cost: $50
(includes lunch and field transportation).

Tentative Agenda (as of Feb. 27) new

Required knowledge, skill, and equipment (in preparation)

Book(s) to read new

Wolf, P. R., and Ghilani, C. D.: Elementary Sureveying, An introduction to Geomatics, 10th edition, Prentice Hall, 900p., 2002 [Be sure to study the 10th edition! 9th and earlier editions are far poorer in description on total station and GPS.].

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