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Koji is back in Anatolia
NEW HOKUDAN International Symporium on Active Faulting 2005 (details)
(Paper Submission by Nov. 20) COME JOIN US! January 17--24, 2005, Awaji, Japan
2003 GMT for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.3.1 using FINK (Precompiled binary package)
GMT for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.2.x using FINK (from source: OUTDATED)

2002 AFRC-GSJ/AIST & MTA Gerede Trench on the North Anatolian fault
GMT for Windows 98/Me/XP [install guide]
Digital Mapping using EDM Total Station and GMT: an introduction
- Part I: Fundamentals of TS survey for geology and geomorphology, beta-version 0.23 [pdf]
- Part II: Fundamentals of GMT for TS survey data prosessing, provisional version [html]

GMT for Apple Macintosh OS X 10.1.x [install notes] NOT for 10.2.x
Akinada (Hiroshima) Earthquake of March 24, 2001 -- Epicenter Map
Historic earthquakes in and around Western India -- Epicenter Map
- Javed N. Malik homepage on 26-JAN-2001 Western India Earthquake
Index map and chronological table of contents [International topics / Works in Japan]
Historic earthquakes in and around SUMATERA -- Epicenter Map
Japan-Turkey Joint Research on the North Anatolian Fault, 2000

Hokudan International Symposium and School on Active Faulting [January 17--21, 2000]
Historic earthquakes in and around Taiwan -- Epicenter Map
IZMIT earthquake [17-Aug-99] on the North Anatolian fault
Bocono fault, Venezuela
Neodani fault, Japan
Scientific Output

In a CLASSROOM [in Japanese]
Out of a CLASSROOM [in Japanese]
GMT for Win98/95/NT [in Japanese]
GMT for Mac OS X [First report in Japanese] NOT for 10.2.x
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Fundamental Ideas
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