About me

Born in 24th March, 1980 and raised in Kirikushi, Etajima Island, Hiroshima, Japan. I have been interested in genetics and evolutionary biology since I was in high school. During my undergraduate course, I learned basic molecular biological experiments through the study for molecular cloning and characterization of neuro-functional receptors in silkworms. I started studying phylogenetic evolution and genetics of amphibians in graduate school and was honored Ph.D. in 2008 at Institute for Amphibian Biology, Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University. As Post-doc, I worked at Hayama Institute for Advanced Studies, Graduate University of Advanced Studies for evolution and genetics of humans and great apes and backed to Hiroshima University in 2009 as Assistant Professor. In 2014 I had worked in Graduate School of International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University. In 2017 I have been transferred again to Amphibian Research Center (previously Institute for Amphibian Biology). From 2022 Oct. I’m an associate professor at ARC.


Amphibian Research Center, Hiroshima University
1-3-1 Kagamiyama
Higashi-hiroshima, 739-8526, Japan
E-mail: tigawa [at] hiroshima-u [dot] ac [dot] jp
Phone/Fax: +81-82-424-5284


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