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last updated Oct. 1, 2012



my face Associate Professor (2006 -) @ Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University
Assistant Professor (2001 - 2006) @ Institute of Applied Physics, University of Tsukuba
JSPS Research Fellow (1998 - 2001) @ Institute of Physics, University of Tokyo
Ph.D (1998) @ Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
M.Sc (1994) @ Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
B.Sc (1992) @ Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
E-mail : hhigakihiroshima-u.ac.jp

Research interests

Low energy charged particles

Experimental research on trapped charged particles and related physics. Production of low energy particle beams and their application for atomic physics, plasma physics, and beam physics research. (What is a plasma ? )



Listed below are researches I was involved in the past.

  1. Tandem Mirror Plasma (GAMMA10)

  2. I was a member of RF group at Plasma Research Center. RF group was responsible for the production and heating of a mirror confined plasma. Also we studied various perturbations excited in the plasma, i.e., Alfven Ion Cyclotron waves, flute perturbations, drift perturbations, and so on.

  3. Low Energy Antiprotons + Positrons

  4. Low energy antiprotons (<1000 eV) can be produced by use of electron cooling in a trap. We developed a trap for ASACUSA project at AD, CERN when I was a JSPS research fellow.

  5. Laser Produced Plasmas

  6. The etch rates on SiO2 were measured with high intensity short pulse lasers when I was an exchange student at University of Toronto.

  7. Non-neutral Plasmas

  8. The linear and non-linear electrostatic oscillations of non-neutral electron plasmas were studied when I was a graduate student at Kyoto University.