2021 Master’s Degree Presentation

Aug. 7, 2021

Congratulations to Danney for completing her Master’s degree and winning the first place for the Excellent Master Thesis Award!

Fieldwork at Miyajima


We had a vegetation survey fieldwork with Okuda & Yamada Lab at Miyajima!

Welcome party 


We had a welcome party for Dr. Kamruzzaman from Khulna University, Bangladesh.

A trip to Miyajima


We went hiking to Mt.Misen, Miyajima, with Dr. Kangmin from Nanyang Technology University,Singapore. This is a great season for visiting Miyajima because of the beautiful momiji.

Welcome party 


We had a welcome party for new members this semester!


Fieldwork at Mt. Takanosu

July 31,2019

We joined the  sapling and seedling research with Prof. Ishihara from Kyoto Univeristy at Takanosu            mountain,Hiroshima.

Welcome party

May 5,2019

We had a welcome party with Okuda Lab!