Proxy-Based Sliding Mode Control (PSMC)


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The Proxy-Based Sliding Mode Control is a safer position control scheme that can be used as a high-gain lowest-level position servo for industrial robots. It is an extension of torque-bounded PID position control, and, at the same time, is a modified version of sliding mode control. Without sacrificing tracking accuracy, it ensures smooth, overdamped recovery from large positional errors caused by abnormal envents, such as unexpected environment contacts, actuator power failures, and software failures in higher-level controllers.

PID control causes oscillation and overshoots when the desired position abruptly changes. PSMC moderately converges.
After a large disturbance, PID control produces abrupt resuming motion, which results in oscillation and overshoots. PSMC is always smooth and gentle.
The experimental setup in the movies belongs to Fujimoto Lab, Nagoya Institute of Technology. It was designed and constructed by Prof. Naoyuki Takesue. The movies appear on this page through the courtesy of Prof. Hideo Fujimoto and Prof. Naoyuki Takesue.

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