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Example 1: Scaled survey data plotting
[sample data attached]


Measurede points (small circle), triangulation from meausred points (thin blue lines), contourlines derived from triangulation (orange dotted lines), linear features (grey line), and shade with contourline based on gridded DEM.  Finished with Adobe Illustrator. All data and scripts are in budo01 folder.

Script and files (abc.efg) to create this map are as follows.  Delete comments, [ to  ], for execution.

blockmedian xyz.prn -R975/1035/985/1045 -I0.5  > xyzm.prn
   surface xyzm.prn -Gbudo.grd -R -I0.5 -T0
[color pallette]
   makecpt -Ctopo -T970/1010/0.5 > budo.cpt
   grdimage budo.grd -R975/1035/985/1045 -JX15 -Cbudo.cpt -P -K >
   grdcontour budo.grd -R -JX -C1 -P -A-  -O -K  >>
[line plot]
   psxy lines.prn -R -JX -W2 -M -O -K >>
[point plot]
   psxy points.prn -R -JX -Sc -O -K >>
   pscontour xyzm.prn -R -JX15 -Cbudo.cpt -L0.5/0/200/200p -P -W0.7p -B10g10 -O >>

Example 2: Scaled survey data plotting


The most detailed snapshot of pull-apart deformation, east of Izmit, during the 1999 Kocaeli earthquake on the North Anatolian fault.

Example 3.  DEM based shaded relief map and seismological data


Shaded relief using 250m DEM, main shock CMT solution, aftershockes, historic epicenters, and scale.
Finished by Adobe Illustrator.  Part of the script is shown.

[shaded relief]
grdimage jpn250.grd -R132/134/33:20/34:40 -JT133/6 -Chiro.cpt -Ijpn250i.grd  -P -K >
psxy  iyoepi.prn -R -JT -Sc -G255/0/0 -P -B1g1 -O -K >>
[CMT solution]
psmeca  iyo2.d -R -JT -Sc0.5 -P -B0.5g0.5 -O -K >>
[scale bar]
psscale -D4/2/4/0.3 -I -Chiro.cpt -P >

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