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Installation of GMT on Macintosh and Windows

Install GMT on Macintosh OSX

Install GMT on Windows

OSX installation is available only through the Internet.
For Windows installation, all files are ready in GMT_tool folder.

Complete sets of manual are included in standard installation.
They are in \GMT\www or /Users/yourhome/GMT3.4.1/www.
Tutorial and Cookbook guide you to most common usage of GMT.
Always check html man pages which describe all options of each
command into very details with many examples.  Bookmark them all.

GMT_tool folder also includes:

MacDEMppc: an excellent utilty to visualize USGS DEMs.  It is
valuable for the function to merge and export GMT-ready binary DEM file.

Unix utilities sed and awk are powerful text editing tools.  In MS-DOS they
are ssed and gawk-gje.  The awk can search and replace millions of lines and
files quickly with short scripts.  The awk is space-delimited column data editor.
For large DEM files, these GUI-less tools are valuable.
OSX is equipped with sed and awk.  ssed and gawk-gje is included in

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