Part 2  Map drawing with GMT (Generic Mapping Tool)

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data file to plot in chapter 2.2 can be downloaded by inputting path and filename in URL window.
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2.1  Introduction
    2.1.1   Applications for map drawing
    2.1.2  What's GMT
    2.1.3  Installation of GMT and utilities
    2.1.4  Very basic of UNIX/MS-DOS

2.2  Processing and Plotting TS data
    2.2.0  construction of GMT commands
    2.2.1  psxy for linear features.
    2.2.2  psxy for symbols
    2.2.3  pscontour for direct contouring
    2.2.4  surface for grid data generation
    2.2.5  grdimage for shades
    2.2.6  grdcontour for contouring
    2.2.7  Combine elements on a map
    2.2.8  Retouch and finish with Adobe Illustrator

2.3  Other basic commands of GMT
    2.3.1  Coastlines and geographic projection (pscoast: under construction)
    2.3.2  Use of DEM
    2.3.3  Bird's eye view (grdview: under construction)