Record of the 5th Anniversary Meeting in 2000

ILP Task Group II-5 / Hokudan Town will present

Hokudan-2000 Symposium and School on Active Faulting

January 18th through 26th, 2000

Hokudan Town, Awaji Island, Japan

ILP Task Group II-5, Hokudan Town and Hokudan Board of Education
Organizing Committee of the Hokudan International Symposium on Active Faulting

final PROGRAM as of December 28, 1999

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Conference report by Tim Dawson and others.
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Lecture by Ross Stein, U.S.G.S.

Successful demonstration of the Geoslicer (Japan and US patents by Takashi Nakata)
Hokudan Town and the Nojima Fault
Hokudan-town in Awaji Island is located right on the source fault of the 1995 Hyogo-ken- Nambu or Kobe earthquake. The fault, namely Nojima fault, ruptured for about10 km along the coastline through the town. In 1998 the town opend a fault museum. The museum itself is a huge greenhouse covering the surface rupture over 100 meters. Offset road, fense, and ground surface are well preserved. There is also a trench exposing the fault cutting through lower Quaternary sediments. The inauguration of the museum coincided with the opening of the world longest Akashi channel bridge which connect Awaji Island with mainland Japan in March 1998. Since then the museum has been one of the most popular sites for the tourists in Awaji.

The symposium will be held at the community center of the Hokudan town. The center has an auditorium for 500 participants as well as spacious lobby for poster sessions.

The Awaji Island is an hour by boat from Kansai International Airport.

What's that?

That's it.

The famous house is now owned by the museum and will be a part of exhibition.

Okada-san devoted himself for the preservation and exhibition.