Welcome to laboratry of Building Materials & Components in Hiroshima University

Our laboratory started in April 2017 focusing on wood structure. In this laboratory, we research on the strength characteristics of wood and wood-based materials, seismic performance evaluation of wooden houses, residual performance evaluation of existing wooden buildings, joint evaluation and design for medium- and large-scale wooden structures, and we are conducting research on composite buildings of wood materials and other structures. We are enjoying our research activities who are graduate students and 4th grade students.
The contents of these researches change from time to time, and we carry out research with various research institutes and companies. If you want to know more specific research contents, please contact our laboratory. Also, if you are a company interested in joint research, please contact it.

Research contents

Our research main target is to expand the wood utilization that one of resources to make a sustainable society. So, our research areas conducct a wide area for the utilization of wood in the building constructions.

1.Research on the strength performance of wood and wooden materials.
2.The seismic performance evaluation of wooden house.
3.The residual performance evaluation of existing wooden buildings.
4.Development and evaluationof connectors for mid- and high-rise timber structures.



Takuro Mori

From            :Nara
Favorite food and drink : Fish, Liquor
Least favorite food   : Sweet red bean paste
Myself           :Drinking, Expand utility of timber construction
Hobby or talent     :Wood crafting, Business trip, Liquor
Educational background :Shinshu University→ Shinshu University Graduate School
Career          :Research Institute for Wood Sciense
            → Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University
            → now


Mohammed Mestar



Kaito Yamagata


Mahiro Kawamoto

Riho Tagawa

Yuta Utsunomiya

Yuutaro Enatsu


Keita Sogabe

Kentaro Hatachi

Rei Kajitani

Ryohei Shimizu

Taiki Gochaku

Yuri Sadakane

(Research Student)

Tang Jiaqi


Kenta Komaki

Mototsugu Matsui

Sana Furumoto

Takafumi Tokinaga

Tasuku Nishijima