We would like to congrats Dr. Miyabi Nakabayashi on winning The 24th Kira Award for young scientists by The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology (13 June 2020).

The award has been officially published on the website of The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology. https://www.jaste.website/post/%E7%AC%AC24%E5%9B%9E%E5%90%89%E8%89%AF%E8%B3%9E%E5%A5%A8%E5%8A%B1%E8%B3%9E%E3%81%AE%E5%8F%97%E8%B3%9E%E8%80%85

This award is a recognition of her unceasing efforts, dedication, hard work, and outstanding contribution to the area of Ecological science. Dr. Miyabi Nakabayashi is a great example for students to follow.

We wish Dr. Miyabi Nakabayashi will have a great deal of success in the years to come.