Beach visit, we made it!

Do you know what happiness is? See our faces, you will find and feel it.

On Saturday (August 12, 2023), we just had our first lab event on BEACH. We went to the Iwami Seaside Park, which is located in Shimane Prefecture, taking about 2 hours of drive from Saijo. We efficiently assembled in the morning in front of the IDEC building and arrived at around 10:00 in the morning.

The first task is to set up our site facilities, TENT. Setting up a tent wasn’t so straightforward for many of us. Just after a while, we figured it out. By working together, we managed to set up five tents, all differ from each other in shape, height, and layout.

The next activity is of course to ‘check’ the beach. Japan See never makes people disappointed, the beauty and the water wave. You should not be surprised to see people falling knocked by the waves, but it is without danger, rather it is such fun!

Afterward, we had the big part, B-A-R-B-E-C-U-E!!! Divided into five groups, randomly, naturally. and automatically, :), we had a great meal. We should thank everyone who helped, especially the guys who are responsible for roasting/cooking, you are the big chef!!!

The longest time that we spent is the afternoon. Many of us played on the beach, and those who like poker, walking, or simply relaxing stayed on site. One of the main exciting items on the beach seems to be the paddle board or sup. Although it is relatively easier to be played on stable water for beginners, that does not affect our trying anxiety at all. So, just getting on the board, falling itself is fun. In this particular situation, having a swimming suit or a normal dress is not necessarily relevant, :).

Playing beach volleyball is our other favorite, we had a big team competition. In the beginning, we don’t even have a borderline, but it doesn’t matter, because WE CAN DRAW IT. We draw the lines on the sand. Obviously, the drawing wasn’t so equitable, one side is longer and the other side is much shorter, :p, but who cares! Perhaps the stronger part for both teams is that we even DO NOT NEED A NET to play, we know justice was in our hearts, 😊!

Time is never sufficient, 4 hours on the beach were simply gone.

On such a nice day, we had a great event. Without the help of everyone, we can’t make it. This is the power of us as a family. Those photos memorize everything, especially happiness and active attitudes.

I want to thank all of you for your participation in this event, especially the car drivers who warrant safe trips. Special thanks should be given to LIU Ying for his great effort in organizing the event and some others who keep helping around. We had the first idea to organize this event already a few months ago, so we started exploring the sites, selecting dates, etc. At the last minute, we heard that Prof. Zhang will come back to Saijo, thus we coordinated the time and invited him to join us, what a nice moment. Lastly, we should feel appreciated for the weather, making the event finally true.

I hope all enjoyed the day. We do not want to leave anyone behind, especially those who were ill or for whatever reason could not participate this time. No worry. With the first beach event, isn’t the second far?!

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