Congratulations, dr. LIU Rui!

On August 11 (Friday), LIU Rui (formerly supervised by Prof. Zhang) just made his final public defense in our IDEC large conference room. All professors on the committee participated in the presentation and many of our lab members were also present. The whole presentation went smoothly and was successful. Liu san did quite a lot of work in his doctoral period.


LIU’s main research subject is social contact behavior during COVID-19 considering policy countermeasures. With the data collected from different countries, LIU developed different models for social contact behavior, involving the contact mode, number of contacted persons, etc.

If we count back three years, almost the whole thesis was conducted during the COVID-19 period. That must not be an easy task considering the difficult period, where we often have to face changing policies, e.g., vaccination, quarantine, teleworking, and possible frustration, etc. But Liu san managed the whole research well and made good progress, which is impressive.

It is almost time to call dr. Liu, but officially we have to wait for a short period. Liu san will stay with us for some time, let’s wish Liu san a successful career.


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