Joint research on protein thermal stability of deep-sea microorganisms with Dr. Sanbongi, Dr. Fujii, and others in the Program of Food and AgriLife Science (School of Applied Biological Science) has been accepted.

A paper accepted in the international journal Protein Expression and Purification, in collaboration with Dr. Sanbongi and Dr. Fujii of the Graduate School of Integrative Biosciences, Food Science and Biotechnology Program, Hiroshima University.
 Yuka Asaeda, a graduate student, also participated in this study, and performed highly accurate 3D structure prediction of the protein using alphafold2 and gene tree analysis.

*Fujii S, Somei K, Asaeda Y, Igawa T, Hattori K, Yoshida T, Sambongi Y, Heterologous expression and biochemical comparison of two homologous SoxX proteins of endosymbiontic Candidatus Vesicomyosocius okutanii and free-living Hydrogenovibrio crunogenus from deep-sea environments. Protein Expression and Purification (in press)

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