Hiroyuki Miura, Dr. Eng.

Associate Professor, Disaster Prevention Engineering Laboratory,
Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University


Tokyo Institute of Technology, B. S., 1999
Tokyo Institute of Technology, M. S., 2001
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr. Eng., 2004

Work Experiences:

2004-2007: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2007-2012: Assistant Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2012- : Associate Professor, Hiroshima University

Major Fields of Research:

Earthquake Engineering, GIS and Remote Sensing

Research Topics:

Evaluation of Ground Motion Characteristics Based on Strong Motion and Mictotremor Data
Earthquake Damage Assessment of Buildings
Spatial Data Analysis for Urban Disaster Mitigation Planning

Published Papers

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Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering (JAEE) Young Researcher Award, 2008
Excellent Presentation Award in JAEE Annual Meeting, 2009
Excellent Presentation Award in JAEE Annual Meeting, 2011