2019 HINDAS 4th Regular Seminar 

2019 HINDAS 4th Regular Seminar

The 124th Study Session of the “Development and Cultural Change Forum”

Date: 13:30-16:50, Sunday, November
 10th, 2019
Venue: Large Conference room
, 1F, Faculty of Letters, Hiroshima University


<Theme> 「学術振興会(JSPS)二国間交流事業共同研究:気候弾力性のある農業に関する研究



13:30〜14:30 Maharjan, Keshav Lall(Hiroshima University, Japan):

         “Understanding of Climate Resilient Agriculture and objective of this research:

                 Towards comparative analysis of Japan and India”Abstract

14:30〜14:40 休憩

14:40〜15:40 Nagata Akira(The Open University of Japan):


         “Climate Resilient Agriculture in Japan”

15:40〜15:50 休憩

15:50〜16:50 Shree Kumar Maharjan(TAOYAKA Program, Hiroshima University)・

         Maharjan, Keshav Lall(Hiroshima University)

“Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA): A review and analysis of policies/plans and

                                       practices in South Asia”


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