Professor Maharjan’s research focuses on issues of development, rural dynamics, and agricultural economy, with fieldwork mainly in South Asia. He tries to tackle problems of food security, poverty, sustainable use of regional resources, climate change and environmental management, development of people and society on a self-help basis, and coexistence of different cultures and systems in the society. His lectures deal with issues related to rural economics of developing countries. Specifically, the relation of regional/local society and economy is discussed from an agricultural economics point of view. Issues related to agricultural and rural development, such as self-help, sustainable development, resource endowment, production system, farm management, rural technology, consumption pattern, rural occupation, local institution, family attachment, lifestyle and rural society, and their changes are discussed in detail. The regional and cultural dynamism is discussed in view of economic development. Maharjan gives importance to fieldwork for the research and encourages his students to conduct fieldwork at the research sites of the respective research undertakings. He is currently involved in the following research activities:

  • Climate Change, Sustainable Farming and Food Security in Vulnerable Regions
  • Regional Resource Use and Sustainable Development
  • Resource Endowment and Livelihood
  • Communtity Development and Livelihood Strategies
  • Microcredit for the Ultra Poor
  • Missing Linkage in Local Development
  • Rural Economic Activities in Northern South Asia
  • Livelihood and Vulnerability in Contemporary Nepal