Graduates Country Thesis Title
Zollet Simona Italy Ph.D. (2021) Newcomer Agroecological Farmers in Japan and Italy: Examining Scaling Processes for Sustainability Transitions in Agri-food Systems
Moahid Masaood Afghanistan Ph.D. (2021) Agricultural Credit, its Impact, and Farmers’ Preferences in Rural Afghanistan
Maharjan Shree Kumar Nepal Ph.D. (2020) Factors Affecting Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture in Central
and Western Tarai of Nepal
Mahama Tiah Abdul-Kabiru Ghana Ph.D. (2018) A study on the linkage between livelihood and welfare of households in Ghana
Ranjan Prakash Shrestha Nepal Ph. D. (2017) A Study of Indigenous Knowledge in the Context of Urbanization and Sustainable Water Resource Management in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal
Inga, Soyizwapi Nompangazitha South Africa M.A. (2017): Investigating Community Development Projects and Empowerment of Rural Women in South Africa: A Case Study of Agricultural Projects in O.R Tambo District
Goshima, Naoka Japan M.A. (2016): Comparative Analysis of Household Economy and Food Security in Acumau and Mertuto Villages, Timor-Leste
Islam, Md. Aminul Bangladesh Ph.D. (2015): Agricultural Production According to Land Tenure Arrangements in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Basail Upazila
Zakaria, Amindu Issahku Ghana Ph.D. (2014): Climate Change, Agriculture Productivity, and Poverty in Ghana’s Context: Macro-Mirco Analysis
Fujimura, Akiko Japan Ph.D. (2014): A study on the Activities of Female Community Health Volunteers. Cases from the Suburbs of Kathmandu
Thakali, Indra Singh Nepal M.A. (2014): Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood of Indigenous Thakali Community in Mustang, Nepal
Khanal, Narayan Prasad Nepal Ph.D. (2013): Sustainability of Community-Based Rice Seed Production: A Case Study in the Tarai Region of Nepal
Sutiyo Indonesia Ph.D. (2013): A Study on Implementation of Decentralized Rural Development in Indonesia: Case of Three Villages in Purbalingga District, Central Java Province
Sugihashi, Ikuko Japan M.A. (2013): Reproductive Health Situation Rural Indonesia
Suetake, Makoto Japan M.A. (2013): Social Business to Tackle Poverty in Developing Countries
Singh, Mrinila Nepal M.A. (2012): Organic farming and consumers’ willingness-to-pay or organic vegetables: A case study in Kathmandu Valley and Chitwan district of Nepal

Ph.D. (2015): Comparative Analysis of Organic and Conventional Farming Systems in Chitwan District of Nepal

Kubakaeva, Nazgul Kyrgyz Republic M.A. (2012): Study on Participatory Community Development in Kyrgyzstan: Case Study of Community Based Organizations in the Issyk-Kul Oblast
Li Ngek Cambodia M.A. (2012): Farmers’ Choice of Buyers in Selling Paddy in Cambodia: A Case Study of Thma`Koul District
Sundas Binu India
M. Anggriani Ummul Muzayyanan Indonesia Ph.D. (2011): Study on Livestock Products Consumption in Indonesia: A Case Study of Java
Shrestha, Suman Lal Nepal M.A. (2011): Effect of Climate Change on Socio-Economy and Vulnerability of Farmers in Nepal

Ph.D. (2014): Climate change Vulnerability and Resilience of Farmers’ in Nepal

Zhumanova, Munavar Kyrgyz Republic M.A. (2011): A Study on Livestock and Land Management in Kyrgyzstan
Chaudhary, Buddhi Ram Nepal M.A. (2011): A Study on Freed-Bonded Labourer (Mukta Kamaiya) in Nepal
Rai, Animesh Andrew Lulam India (2011): International Environmental Leader Short-Term Training Programme for Sustainable Asia
Pradhan, Rabindra Mani India (2011): International Environmental Leader Short-Term Training Programme for Sustainable Asia
Bibhu India
Mahapatro India
Xinyan, Li China M.A. (2010): The Impact of Agricultural Product Processing Industry on Chinese Rural Economy
Madaminbek, Seitov Kyrgyz Republic M.A. (2010): Role of Cooperative in Agricultural Development in Kyrgyzstan
Vaidya, Arija Nepal M.A. (2010): A Study on Guthi of Newar Community: A Case Study of Local Sesyah Guthi in the Locality Kathmandu Valley
Talantbek, Beishenkulov Kyrgyz Republic M.A. (2009): A Study on Reforms of Agriculture Policy in Kyrgyz Republic
Piya, Luni Nepal M.A. (2009): Role of Forest Resources On the Livelihood of Chepang Community in Nepal: A Case Study of Chitwan and Makawanpur Districts

Ph.D. (2012): Vulnerability, Impact and Adaptation to Climate Change: Livelihoods of Chepang Community in the Rural Mid-Hills of Nepal

Joshi, Niraj Prakash Nepal M.A. (2008): Poverty and Food Insecurity Analysis in Far-Western Hills of Nepal: A Case of Baitadi District

Ph.D. (2011): Poverty and Climate Change in Nepal: Poverty Analysis in Far-Western Rural Hills

Manatsha, Boga Thura Botswana M.A. (2008): The Political Economy of Land Reform in Post-independence Botswana, 1966-2000: A Case Study of the North East District

Ph.D. (2011): The Land Question in Post-Colonial Botswana: The Case of North East District

Miyake, Kimihiro Japan M.A. (2007): A Study on Use of Micro-finance Services by Women Groups in Rural Senegal
Singh, Manjeshwori Nepal M.A. (2001): The Socio-economic Impact of Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies in the Hill Areas of Nepal: A Perspective of Biogas Technology

Ph.D. (2007): Contribution of Farming on Rural Livelihood in Nepal: Focusing on Dairy Farming in Chitwan

K.C., Arun Nepal Ph.D. (2006): Food Insecurity and Vulnerability in Rural Areas of Nepal: Analysis on Socio-Economic Perspective in Mid-Western Hills
Shrestha , Sumana Nepal M.A. (2006): A Study on Socio-economic Factors Affecting Girl’s Education in Rural Areas of Nepal
Kayoko, Nakamura Japan M.A. (2006): Sustainable Rural Development and Role of NGO: A Case Study of NGO in Northern and North-Eastern Regions of Thailand
Fradejas, Carlos C. Philippines M.A. (2005): Role of Cooperative in Improving the Backyard Pig Industry of the Philippines: A Case Study in Batangas Province
Maonga, Beston B. Malawi M.A. (2002): Impact of Population Growth on Smallholder Land Resources Management in Malawi

Ph.D. (2005): Sustainable Smallholder Land Resources Management and Food Security in Malawi: A Study on Indigenous Farming Practices in Mbwadzulu Extension Planning Area

Ono, Rie Japan M.A. (1997): Socio-economic Effect Micro Credit to the Rural Poor: A Case Study of Grameen Bank in Patuwakhali

Ph.D. (2005): Role of Credit in Stabilization of Life in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study of
Laukati Village

Endang, Sulastri Indonesia M.A. (2001): The Role of Cooperative on Dairy Farming in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta Province, Indonesia

Ph.D. (2004): Dairy Development in Indonesia: Role of Dairy Cooperative in Developing Dairy Farming of Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Recio Bucardo, Juan Carlos Costa Rica M.A. (2001): Participatory Approach in the Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects

Ph.D. (2004): The Nicaraguan PRSP and the Participation of Civil Society at the Local and National Level

Ghosh, Ashoke Kumar Bangladesh M.A. (1999): Impacts of Cooperatives on Dairy Farming in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Milk Vita Cooperative in Sirajganj

Ph.D. (2003): Role of Cooperative on Dairy Development and Its impacts on Rural Income Generation in Bangladesh

Takahatake, Takashi Japan M.A. (1998): The Significance of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in the Formulation of Rural Credit

Ph.D. (2002): Crop Farming and Microfinance in the Hill Region of Nepal

Joshi, Narendra Mangal Nepal M.A. (2002): Institutional Arrangement in Natural Resource Management and its Effects on Rural Well Being: An Entitlement Approach

Ph.D. (2008): Institutional Dynamics of Community Based Forest Resource Management in Nepal

Miki, Toshinobu Japan M.A. (2001): A Study on Farm Management and Cash Crop in Montane Nepal

Ph.D.: Rural economy in hill area of Nepal – Linkage between smallholders’ farm management and subsistence activities

Chowdhury, Masadul Hoq Bangladesh M.A. (1997): Increasing Efficiency of Pond Fish Culture in Rural Bangladesh

Ph.D. (2001): A Comprehensive Study on Fresh Water Aquaculture Development in Bangladesh

Tatsumi, Kazuko Japan M.A. (2000): Sustainable Rural Development in Nepal

Ph.D. course completed

Abdullah, Abdul Rashid Malaysia M.A. (1999): Small and Medium Enterprise in Automobile Industry in Malaysia

Ph.D. (2010): Management of Japanese Soft Technology Transfer within Automobile and Electronics Strategic Alliance Firms in Malaysia

Okuda, Yukari Japan M.A. (1997): Employment Generating Development and Social Change in India: A Case Study of North India
Bhusal, Yuba Raj Nepal Ph.D.: Course completed: An Assessment of the Institutional Mechanism for Rural Poverty Reduction in Nepal