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Future goals:

  • Find novel natural products and synthesize their derivatives to develop new medicines and pharmaceuticals to cure human diseases and pursue cosmetics.
  • Clarify mechanisms of gene linkages, to develop new theory of genetics. From that, breed super crops which gather the most excellent characteristics: high yield (possible 25-30 tons/ha), good quality, strong tolerance to environmental stresses (drought, sub-emergence, salinity, pests and diseases).
  • Utilize gene linkage theory to animal and human, to create “new” animals and even human (better and more super). That needs the collaboration of many researchers. After one (or several) hundred of years, the “new” animals and human can replace us to inhabit in Mars and explore the Universe.
  • To reduce the dependence on evolution. Contribute to make a “new” Earth.

Our Laboratory welcomes Graduate and Research students to the following subjects:

Biomass energy, Development of crops tolerant to climate change (salinity, drought, sub-emergence), Crop breeding (Molecular markers assisted breeding). Especially in identification of gene(s) involved in high yield of rice, Sustainable agriculture, Isolation and identification of plant growth inhibitors/stimulators, Weed science, Organic synthesis, Plant protection

If you want to join our laboratory please apply directly to the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan

  • For the details of the admission requirements and how to apply, please check this official website: Link
  • For student support and life, please visit this Link

Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program (Development Science Field)
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