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Harmonies and Surprises on the Lattice (HASUL)
-- On the occasion of A. Nakamura's 60th birthday --

9:00-17:30 March 13 (Sat), 2010
 Satake memorial Hall, Hiroshima University, Japan


Please visit the following website, and check the Higashi-Hiroshima Campus.
Hiroshima University -Access-

Please check the location of the Satate momorial Hall (Faculty Club) in the Campus map. (Campus map).

The taxi card [PDF] may be useful when you come to Hiroshima Univ. by taxi.

If you have the reservation of single room at the Faculty Club, please visit the 1st (or 2nd) floor at the Faculty Club and contact our staff (3/12 16:00 -- ).

Wireless LAN

You can access the internet using the guest account, which is already prepared for participants.


08:30    Reception
09:00    opening (M. Okawa)
  (chair: S. Muroya)
   09:10    F. Karsch      QCD thermodynamics on isotropic lattices [PDF]
   09:40    S. Kim          Phase Diagram of Finite Temperature/Density QC2D [PDF]
   10:10    M. Lombardo  Lattice QCD thermodynamics with twisted mass Wilson fermions [PDF]
10:40 Coffee(20min.)
   (chair: C. Nonaka)
   11:00    T. Kunihiro  Hadronic Excitations as Probes of QCD Phase Transitions
   11:30    M. Yahiro    Determination of QCD phase diagram from regions with no sign problem
12:00 Lunch(60min.)
   (chair: T. Saito)
   13:00    A. Nakamura   A Status Report of XQCD-Japan [PDF]
   13:30    A. Ohnishi      Finite coupling effects on QCD phase diagram at strong coupling
   14:00    V. Zakharov   Two-component liquid model for quark-gluon plasma [PDF]
   14:30    S. Gupta        Physics that I shared with Atsushi [PDF]
15:00 Coffee(30min.)
   (chair: T. Takaishi)
   15:30    T. Hatsuda    Nuclear Force in Lattice QCD and dense hadronic matter [PDF]
   16:00    H. Sumiyoshi  University education together with a local comunity (in Japanese) [PPTX]
   16:30    S. Sakai        Recollections of collaboration with Nakamurasann [PPT]
   17:00    K. Kanaya      Atsushi Nakamura and lattice QCD in Japan
18:00 Music session (30min.)
   (chair: K.Kanaya)
18:30 Party


We are pleased to announce that the symposium entitled ``Harmonies and Surprises on the Lattice (HASUL) - On the occasion of A. Nakamura's 60th birthday -'' will be held on March 13(Sat), 2010 in Hiroshima University, Japan.

The main subjects of this symposium are QCD at finite temperature and density on the lattice and related physics, that Professor Nakamura has been having continuous interest and doing large contribution. After the symposium, we will have a party to celebrate his 60th birthday.

The symposium will start at 9:00, and the party will start at 18:00 at the same hall.

The fee of the party is 6,000 JPY.

Invited speakers:
  F. Karsch (BNL)
  S. Kim (Seoul National University)
  M. Lombardo (INFN)
  S. Gupta (TIFR)
  V. Zakharov (MPI)
  H. Sumiyoshi (Matsumoto Univ.)
  M. Yahiro (Kyushu Univ.)
  S. Sakai (Yamagata Univ.(emeritus))
  A. Ohnishi (YITP)
  T. Hatsuda (Univ. Tokyo)
  T. Kunihiro (Kyoto Univ.)
  K. Kanaya (Tsukuba Univ.)

If you are interested in participating in the symposium, please send an email to: tumeda[at]


Around Hiroshima Univ.
Saijo HAKUWA Hotel

Around Higashi-Hiroshima station (Shinkansen)
Sleep Inn Higashi-Hiroshima
Toyoko Inn Higashi-Hiroshima

Around Saijo station (JR)
Hotel Grancasa
Hotel Sunrise 21
Toyoko Inn Saijo

Proposers/Organizing committee:

Kenji Fukushima, Tetsuo Hatsuda, Kazuyuki Kanaya, Teiji Kunihiro, Masanori Okawa, Hideo Matsufuru, Shin Muroya, Chiho Nonaka, Takuya Saito, Tetsuya Takaishi, and Takashi Umeda