Chikaraishi Lab belongs to the Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering Program under the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University. Our research activities are conducted in collaboration with other labs in Hiroshima University, various private companies, and government agencies.

We are engaged in research to solve social problems related to urban and transportation systems mainly based on sophisticated analyses on people’s activity and travel behavior in urban space. Our theoretical and methodological research interests include (1) development of advanced discrete choice models, (2) modeling of multi-agent interactions such as urban agglomeration, interactions in a multi-sided market, and other various types of social interactions, and (3) data science research for utilizing urban and transportation passive data. We intend to apply the results of these theoretical and methodological studies to make practical contributions to solving various problems related to urban and transportation planning and operation as well as disaster recovery planning and operation mostly in Japan and the Global South.

For those who wish to join our lab:
You are always welcome to visit our lab. Please feel free to contact us.

For those who wish to have a joint research:
If the research theme and interests match with those of our lab, we would be happy to have a joint research with other private companies and government agencies. Please feel free to contact us.