Xuan sensei had a talk about sharing experience in agricultural digital: Perspectives from Japan to Vietnam

On September 16, 2021, Xuan sensei performed a speech entitled “Agricultural digital transformation and application of science and technology in agriculture in Japan” at a Virtual Conference & Virtual Studio Event “Vietnam Agriculture Digital Transformation International Forum 2021: Keeping up with market trends, ensuring the pivotal role of the economy during and after Covid-19 pandemic”.

The speech received much attention from domestic and international scientists and delegates.

In the current context that the Japan-Vietnam cooperative relationship is getting better, the experience in Agriculture Digital Transformation in Japan shared by Xuan sensei is important and essential for improvement and development of the agricultural sector of Vietnam.

Vnexpess, the most read Vietnamese paper, has cited Xuan sensei’s speech.

“Vietnam Agriculture Digital Transformation Forum 2021” is a national and international agricultural economic forum to discuss key issues and strategies on Vietnam’s agriculture in the regional and world context. The forum is a place for dialogue and public-private policy activities between the Government and the private sector, and stakeholders.