Publications and Workshops in 2024


  1. Vongdala Noudeng, Dek Vimean Pheakdey, Tran Dang Xuan. Toxic heavy metals in a landfill environment (Vientiane, Laos): Fish species and associated health risk assessment. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 2024, 108, 104460. SCI (IF = 4.3).
  2. Yasser Nehela, Yasser S. A. Mazrou, Nehad A. El_Gammal, Osama Atallah, Tran Dang Xuan, Abdelnaser A. Elzaawely, Hassan M. El-Zahaby, Abdelrazek S. Abdelrhim, Said I. Behiry, Emad M. Hafez, Abeer H. Makhlouf, Warda A. M. Hussain. Non-proteinogenic amino acids mitigate oxidative stress and enhance the resistance of common bean plants against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Frontiers in Plant Science 2024, 15, 1385785. SCIE (IF = 5.6).
  3. Alikulov Khusniddin, Zarif Aminov, La Hoang Anh, Tran Dang Xuan, Wookyung Kim. Comparative technical and economic analyses of hydrogen-based steel and power sectors. Energies 2024, 17, 1242. SCIE (IF = 3.2).
  4. Zarif Aminov, La Hoang Anh, Tran Dang Xuan, WookyungKim. Effect of ammonia and hydrogen blends on the performance and emissions of an existing gas turbine unit. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2024, 61, 432-443. SCIE (IF = 7.2).
  5. Lovisa Panduleni Johannes, Tran Dang Xuan. Comparative analysis of acidic and alkaline pretreatment techniques for bioethanol production from perennial grasses. Energies 2024, 17, 1048. SCIE (IF = 3.2).
  6. Ramin Rayee, La Hoang Anh, Tran Dang Khanh, Tran Dang Xuan. Potential momilactones in rice stress tolerance and health advantages. Agronomy 2024, 14, 405. SCIE (IF = 4.7).
  7. Hasan Mehedi, La Hoang Anh, Tran Dang Xuan. Momilactones and phenolics in brown rice: Enrichment, optimized extraction, and potential for antioxidant and anti-diabetic activities. Separations 2024, 11, 6. SCIE (IF = 2.6).
  8. Phu Long Pham, Thi Tuyet Cham Le, Thi Thuy Hang Vu, Thanh Tuan Nguyen, Rui-Zhen Zeng, Li Xie, Zhi-Sheng Zhang, Minh Ngoc Nguyen, Vuong Thi Huyen Trang, Tran Dang Xuan, Tran Dang Khanh. Comparative transcriptome analysis and expression of genes associated with polysaccharide biosynthesis between diploid and tetraploid Dendrobium officinale. Agronomy 2024, 14, 69. SCIE (IF = 3.7).


  1. Truong Ngoc Minh, Tran Dang Xuan. Momilactone B and potential in biological control of weeds. In: Lone R., Khan S., Al-Sadi, A.M., (Eds); Plant Phenolics in Biotic Stress Management. Springer, 2024, pp. 367-388.
  2. Rolf Teschke, Xingshun Qi, Tran Dang Xuan, Axel Eickhoff. Tropical herb-induced liver injury by pyrrolizidine alkaloids. In: Jose L., (Ed); Treatment and Management of Tropical Liver Disease. Elsevier: Philadelphia, 2024, pp. 182-187.


  1. Tran Dang Xuan, La Hoang Anh. Integration of traditional and intelligent weed control methods in sustainable farming practices. The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of Japan. Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya, Japan from 28–29 March 2024.
  2. La Hoang Anh, Tran Dang Xuan. Variation of allelopathic momilactones A and B in commercial rice varieties and their potential for weed-suppressing effect. The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Weed Science Society of Japan. Utsunomiya University, Utsunomiya, Japan from 28–29 March 2024.

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