EASTS2023 @Malaysia

I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the 15th International Conference of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) in Shah Alam, Malaysia, alongside esteemed colleagues and lecturers. Among them were Chikaraishi Sensei, Fujiwara Sensei, Varun Sensei, Riya San, Keishi San, Blessy San, Reza San, Hung San, Son San, Oudam San, and Sakai San.

Riya san presented An Illustrative Numerical Analysis on the Optimum Location of Emergency Ports for eVTOL Aircrafts for Disaster Response and Relief Operations (Authors, Rodelia SANSANO; Makoto CHIKARAISHI).

Keishi san presented A Pedestrian Model Capturing Trade-Offs Between Travel and Place Functions of Urban Street Space: An Illustrative Numerical Example (Authors, Keishi FUJIWARA; Yuki OYAMA; Makoto CHIKARAISHI; Akimasa FUJIWARA).

Chikaraishi sensei, representing Eiei san presented Emergency Shelter Location-Allocation Analysis with Time-Varying Demand (Authors, Eiei TUN; Toshimitsu NISHIKIORI; Varun VARGHESE; Makoto CHIKARAISHI; Miho SEIKE; Akimasa FUJIWARA).

Reza san presented Gaps in Measuring Tod in Jakarta, Indonesia: A Comparative Analysis of Different Expert Groups and MCDM Methods (Authors, Reza ABDULLAH; Blessy XAVIER; Hyewon NAMGUNG; Varun VARGHESE; Akimasa FUJIWARA).

Hung san presented Investigating Influential Factors on Drop-Off Location Choices for School Bus Services from Parents’ Perspective: A Case Study in Hanoi, Vietnam (Authors, Hung Nguyen Viet DO; Akimasa FUJIWARA; Thi Anh Hong NGUYEN; Canh DO).

Oudam san presented Network Effect of the Mobile Bridge Restoring Disrupted Road Links Caused by Natural Disaster (Authors, Tatsuya YAMASHITA; Oudam PHAL; Akimasa FUJIWARA; Ichiro ARIO;  Makoto CHIKARAISHI; Toshinari KOZASA).

Sakai san presented An Explorative Analysis on the Occurrence of Braess’s Paradox (Authors, Tetsuro SAKAI, Makoto CHIKARAISHI, Akimasa FUJIWARA).

Son san presented Impacts of Shared Autonomous Vehicles Connecting with Mass Rapid Transit Systems on Travel Behavior: A Comparison of Virtual and Real Experiences, Before and After AV Rides (Authors, Van Son PHAM; Akimasa FUJIWARA; Makoto CHIKARAISHI;Namgung HAEWON; Thi Anh Hong NGUYEN; Anh Son LE).

Nagasaka san got the Best Oral Presentation Awards and Reza san got the Best Transport Landmark Photography Contest. Congratulations!

Another exciting news is that Fujiwara sensei will be the next president for EASTS, bringing his wealth of knowledge and leadership to further advance the society’s mission. Congratulations, Fujiwara sensei!

The EASTS conference was undoubtedly enriched with diverse and impactful presentations, contributing significantly to the field of transportation studies. Good job, everyone!

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