In our lab, as a rule of our graduate school, master course students are recommended to take at least 30 credits (or about 15 subjects). Usually, the following specialized subjects are recommended.

  • 地域・都市工学(教員:張峻屹教授)  Regional and Urban Engineering (Prof. Junyi Zhang)
  • 観光政策(教員:張峻屹教授)  Tourism Policy (Prof. Junyi Zhang)
  • 交通計画(教員:藤原章正教授)  Transportation Planning (Prof. Akimasa Fujiwara)
  • 交通工学(教員:藤原章正教授)  Transportation Engineering (Prof. Akimasa Fujiwara)
  • リスク管理技術(教員:力石真准教授) Risk Management Technology (Assoc. Prof. Makoto Chikaraishi)
  • 経済学に関する科目(例えば、開発政策コースの科目)  Other subjects about economics
  • 地域・都市工学演習(教員:張峻屹教授)  Seminar on Regional and Urban Engineering (Prof. Junyi Zhang)


In the case of doctoral course, generally speaking, minimum requirements are to win 8 or more credits on the following subjects by Prof. Junyi Zhang. Note that the required number of credits may change with the program participated (e.g., special program, GELs program, TAOYAKA Program). Of course, doctoral candidates are also welcome to take master course subjects, if necessary.

  • (前期,後期)地域・都市計画演習Ⅰ (The whole year)Seminar on Regional and Urban Planning I
  • (前期,後期)地域・都市計画演習Ⅱ (The whole year)Seminar on Regional and Urban Planning II

Prof. Zhang’s education activities so far

学部講義 Lectures for Undergraduate Students

  1. (前期)土木計画学(学部3年生,2006~2007)
    (The 1st semester)Infrastructure Planning (3rd-year students, 2006~2007)
  2. (前期)科学技術英語演習(学部3年生,2008~)
    (The 1st semester)Practice of Scientific and Technical English (3rd-year students, 2008~)
  3. (前期)技術協力論(学部3年生,2008~)
    (The 1st semester)Technological Cooperation (3rd-year students, 2008~)
  4. (後期)人と環境と社会基盤(学部2年生,2003, 2006~2007)
    (The 2nd semester)Human, Environment, and Infrastructure (2nd-year students, 2006~2007)
  5. (前期)アジアの光と影(学部2年生,2003~2004)
    (The 1st semester)Asian Issues: Light and Shadow (2nd-year students, 2003~2004)
  6. (前期)グローバル・パートナーシップ学(学部1年生,2011~)
    (The 1st semester)Global Partnership Study (2011~)

大学院講義 Lectures for Graduate Students

博士課程前期 Master Course

  1. (前期,後期)国際協力プロジェクト演習(2009~)
    (The whole year)Seminar on International Cooperation Project (2009~)
  2. (前期,後期)地域・都市工学演習(2002~)
    (The whole year)Seminar on Regional and Urban Engineering (2002~)
  3. (前期)国際環境協力学特論Ⅰ(2008~)
    (The 1st semester)International Environmental Cooperation Studies I (2008~)
  4. (後期)国際環境協力学特論Ⅱ(2009~)
    (The 2nd semester)International Environmental Cooperation Studies II (2009~)
  5. (前期)開発技術論(2003~)
    (The 1st semester)Development Technology (2003~)
  6. (後期)地域・都市工学(2002~)
    (The 2nd semester)Regional and Urban Engineering (2002~)
  7. (後期)観光政策(2008~)
    (The 2nd semester)Tourism Policy (2008~)

博士課程後期 Doctoral Course

  1. (前期,後期)地域・都市計画演習Ⅰ(2002~)
    (The whole year)Seminar on Regional and Urban Planning I (2002~)
  2. (前期,後期)地域・都市計画演習Ⅱ(2002~)
    (The whole year)Seminar on Regional and Urban Planning II (2002~)