Research Topics

研究分野 Research Field


Transportation Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Traffic Engineering, Life-oriented Behavioral Studies, Tourism Policy, Environment, and Energy Policy, Healthy Urban Policy

Our lab deals with various topics related to mobilities and urban policy, which can be classified into the following three mega-groups: (1) life-oriented behavioral research for regional and urban planning, (2) integrated regional and urban models and (3) sustainable regional and urban development.


(1)市民生活行動学研究 Life-oriented Behavioral Research

Travel Behavior 交通行動

  • Car ownership and usage
  • Single-faceted disaggregate travel behavior analysis
  • Multi-faceted activity-based modeling
  • Travel behavior and subjective well-being
  • Life-oriented travel behavior analysis: both survey and modeling

Residential behavior  居住行動

  • The built environment
  • Residential location choice
  • Residential self-selection
  • Residential mobility: a life-course analysis
  • Hedonic pricing
  • Life-oriented residential behavior research

Time use and monetary consumption  時間利用と消費支出

  • Time use modeling with intra-household interactions: length of time and timing
  • Resource allocation modeling with joint decisions on time use and monetary consumption by incorporating both intra-household interactions and zero-consumption
  • Exploring affective experience of time use during travel (i.e., multitasking) based on day reconstruction method (DRM)
  • Life-oriented time use research

Shopping behavior  買物行動

  • Parking issues and shopping behavior
  • Pedestrians’ time use, expenditure and routing behaviors at central urban areas
  • Shoppers’ time use and expenditure behavior as well as affective experience at large shopping centers
  • Life-oriented shopping behavior research

Health behavior  健康行動

  • Lifestyle habits
  • Outdoor activity participation
  • Active travel
  • Health-related QOL: Physical, mental and social health
  • Life-oriented health behavior research

QOL or Well being 生活の質・ウェルビーイング

  • Happiness
  • Life satisfaction
  • Day reconstruction method (DRM)
  • Case studies in Japan, Bangladesh, China, Lao PDR, Vietnam, and the Philippines, etc.

(2)統合型地域・都市モデルの研究 Integrated Regional and Urban Models

 Integrated Transport Modeling 統合型交通モデル

  • Aggregate-type dynamic travel demand forecasting
  • Multi-market disequilibrium transport system modeling
  • Sustainable transport development model based on a bi-level programming approach

4種類の統合型都市交通モデルを開発した。1つ目は空間の異質性と交通需要の状態依存・系列相関を取り入れた集計型動的交通需要モデル、2つ目は多市場不均衡理論に基づく交通需要と供給モデル、3つ目は空間自己相関を取り入れた人口の空間分布を四段階推定モデルの中に内生化させ、フィードバック機能を導入した統合モデル、4つ目は2層型統合モデル(上位:モビリティの最大化、交通機関の適正分担、アクセシビリティの空間的平等性を最適化の目標とし、都市の環境容量を制約条件とする;下位:交通機関分担と利用者均衡配分の統合モデル)である。今までTransportation Research Part D, TransportmetricaJournal of Advanced Transportation、土木学会論文集などにて28編査読付き論文、他9編論文を公表した。1994年に交通工学研究発表会奨励研究賞を、1999年にアジア交通学会(EASTS)優秀論文賞をそれぞれ受賞した。(2013年4月時点)

Four types of integrated urban and transportation models were developed: 1) an aggregate dynamic transport demand models with spatial heterogeneity, state dependence and serial correlation; 2) an integrated transport supply and demand model based on multi-market disequilibrium theory; 3) an integrated transportation model with full feedback mechanisms to endogenously represent spatial distribution of population based on the concept of spatial auto-correlation; and 4) a bi-level integrated model, where the upper level deals with the maximization of mobility, optimization of modal split, special equity of accessibility conditional on environmental capacity of urban areas, and the lower level deals with a combined model split and user equilibrium traffic assignment). As of April 2013, 28 refereed papers and 9 other papers were published in international recognized journals such as Transportation Research Part D (SCI), Transportmetrica (SCI), Journal of Advanced Transportation (SCI), and EASTS Journal. One of the papers was awarded as Research Encouragement Award by Japan Society of Traffic Engineers in 1994 and another as the Outstanding Paper Award by the EASTS (Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies) in 1999.

Five major pagers are as follows:

  1. Multicriteria evaluation on accessibility-based transportation equity in road network design problem. Journal of Advanced Transportation (in press, Online August) (Tao FENG and Junyi ZHANG, 2012)
  2. An integrated model system and policy evaluation tool for maximizing mobility under environmental capacity constraints: A case study in Dalian, China. Transportation Research Part D, 15 (5), 263-274 (Tao FENG, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA and H.J.P. TIMMERMANS, 2010)
  3. Modeling the level of environmentally efficient car ownership. Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 7, 1490-1505 (Tao FENG, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2007)
  4. Analysis of feedback to obtain steady-state solutions in four-step modeling. Transportmetrica, 5, 215-227 (Xuesong FENG, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2009)
  5. 多時点集計型交通需要予測モデルの開発Development of travel demand models using repeated cross-sectional data土木学会論文集Journal of Infrastructure Planning and Management524/IV-2993-104 (杉恵頼寧・張峻屹・藤原章正, 1995) 

Integrated Household Energy Consumption Modeling 統合型世帯エネルギー消費モデル

  • Residential location, the built environment, time use and expenditure, in-home and out-of-home end use ownership and usage, energy consumption, multiple self-selections, intra-household interactions

Integrated Tourist Behavior Modeling 統合型観光行動モデル

  • Tourism generation, destination choice, travel party, travel modes, activity participation, time use and monetary consumption, satisfaction

観光政策意思決定方法論として、観光発生、観光地選択、旅行同伴者選択、交通機関・走行経路選択、出発時刻、活動タイミング、観光時間利用と消費支出といった観光行動を扱う総合型観光行動モデルを開発してきている。今まで観光分野の世界最高峰雑誌のTourism ManagementAnnals of Tourism ResearchEASTS最高峰雑誌Asian Transport Studies、土木計画学研究論文集などにて23編査読付き論文、他23編論文を公表した。2007年に第5APac-CHRIEと第13回アジア太平洋観光学会(APTA)の合同国際会議の最優秀論文賞、2009年に第15APTA国際会議最優秀論文賞をそれぞれ受賞した。(2013年4月現在)

To provide scientific tourism policy decision-making methods, I have developed integrated tourism behavior models by simultaneously representing tourism generation, tourist destination choice, travel party choice, travel mode choice and route choice, departure time choice, time use, and expenditure decisions. As of April 2013, 23 refereed papers and 23 other papers were published in internationally recognized journals, such as Tourism Management and Annals of Tourism Research (SSCI journals, two of the top two journals in tourism studies), Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research (SSCI), ATS (Asian Transport Studies) of EASTS. One of the papers was awarded as Best Paper Award of the 5th APac-CHRIE (Asia Pacific International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education) and the 13th APTA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association) Joint Conference (Beijing, May 24-27, 2007), and another papers as Best Paper Award of the 15th Annual Conference, Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA) (Incheon, Korea, July 9-12, 2009).

Five major pagers are as follows:

  • Representing the influence of multiple social interactions on monthly tourism participation behavior. Tourism Management, 36, 480-489 (Lingling WU, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2013)
  • Tourism participation and expenditure behavior: Analysis using a Scobit-based discrete-continuous choice model. Annals of Tourism Research, 40, 1-17 (Lingling WU, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2013)
  • An integrated model of tourists’ time use and expenditure behavior with self-selection based on a fully-nested Archimedean copula function. Tourism Management, 33(6), 1562-1573 (Hui ZHANG, Junyi ZHANG and Masashi KUWANO, 2012)
  • Dynamic analysis of Japanese tourists’ three stage choices: Tourism participation, destination choice and travel mode choice. Transportation Research Record, 2322, 91-101 (Lingling WU, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2012)
  • Representing tourists’ heterogeneous choices of destination and travel party with an integrated latent class and nested logit model. Tourism Management, 32, 1407-1413 (Lingling WU, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2011)

(3)持続可能な地域・都市開発の研究 Sustainable Regional and Urban Development

Sustainable Transport Studies 持続可能な交通

  • Environmentally sustainable transportation
  • Social exclusion
  • Travel demand management (TDM)
  • ITS-based individualized traffic safety measures: in-vehicle and smartphone-based traffic warning systems
  • Autonomous vehicles: ownership and usage as well as impacts on people’s lives

都市・交通の視点から、地球温暖化への適応策(ITSによる車の賢い利用、低公害車の普及、車の共同利用、ライフスタイルなど)、軽減策(都市構造、エネルギー消費、総合交通体系、公共交通利用促進、自動車利用抑制など)、そして、移行策(パラトランジットやガバナンス)などの持続可能な発展と都市・交通を研究してきている。途上国について、世帯エネルギー消費からみたエコライフ、雇用と社会的平等性からみたパラトランジットシステムの持続可能な発展、交通システムの環境効率性評価、交通部門の環境モニタリング、環境ガバナンスなどを研究してきている。研究成果としてEnergy Policy, Environment and Planning B, Transportation Research Record, EASTS最高峰雑誌Asian Transport Studies、土木計画学研究論文集などにて83編査読付き論文、他119編論文を公表し、2005年にアジア交通学会八十島賞(最優秀論文賞)を、2007年に国際安全学会最優秀論文賞を、2010年にタイ交通学会第1回国際会議最優秀論文賞をそれぞれ受賞した。(2013年4月時点)

I have conducted various studies on sustainable development in the context of urban and transportation systems. The research topics cover adaptation measures to global warming (smart use of car based on ITS, low-emission vehicles, car sharing, lifestyle, etc.), mitigation measures (urban form, energy consumption, comprehensive transportation systems, promotion of public transportation systems, control of car ownership and usage, etc.), and transition measures (paratransit systems, urban governance, etc.). Related to developing countries, various studies have been carried out related to eco-life study from the perspective of household energy consumption, sustainable development by making better use of paratransit systems from the perspective of employment and social equity, evaluation of environmental efficiency of transportation systems, environmental monitoring in transport sector, and environmental governance, etc. As of April 2013, 83 refereed papers and 119 other papers were published in international recognized journals such as Energy Policy (SCI), Environment and Planning B (SCI), Transportation Research Record (SCI), and ATS (Asian Transport Studies) of EASTS.  One of the papers was awarded as Best Paper Prize (Yasojima Prize) by the EASTS (Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies) in 2005, one as Best Paper Award by the IATSS (International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences) in 2008, and the other as Best Paper Award of the 1st International Conference on the Future of Human Mobility by Thai Society for Transportation and Traffic Studies in 2010.

Five major pagers are as follows:

  1. Representing household energy consumption behavior in Beijing with the consideration of in-home and out-of-home interdependence, Energy Policy, 39(7), 4168-4177 (Special Section: Renewable energy policy and development) (Biying YU, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2011
  2. Scobit-based panel analysis of public transport users’ multitasking behavior. Transportation Research Record, 2157, 46-53 (Junyi ZHANG and H.J.P. TIMMERMANS, 2010) 
  3. Motorization in Asia: 14 Countries and Three Metropolitan Areas. IATSS (International Association of Traffic and Safety Sciences) Research, 31 (1), 46-58 (Metin SENBIL, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2007) (IATSS Best Paper Award)
  4. Evaluating sustainability of urban development in developing countries incorporating dynamic cause-effect relationships over time. Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 6, 4349-4364 (Akimasa FUJIWARA, Junyi ZHANG, Backjin LEE and M.R.M. DA CRUZ, 2005) (EASTS Yasojima Prize: Best of EASTS Best Paper Awards)
  5. Comparative analysis of travel patterns in the developing cities based on a hybrid model. Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 6, 4333-4348 (Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA and Makoto CHIKARAISHI, 2005) 

Traffic Safety Studies 交通安全の研究

統計データを用いた交通事故の発生要因や既存安全対策の効果に関する計量経済学的な分析、社会実験と表明選好(SP)データを用いてドライバーの異質性と短期記憶の影響を考慮したITS警告情報の提供効果、走行速度と生体情報を活用した走行リスクの評価・モデリングに関する研究を行った。今までAccident Analysis and Prevention(交通事故研究の世界最高峰雑誌)、EASTS最高峰雑誌Asian Transport Studies、土木計画学研究論文集などにて23編査読付き論文、他17編論文を公表した。(2013年4月現在)

詳細は、ここ を参照されたい。

The relevant studies include, 1) econometric analyses of factors causing traffic accidents and evaluation of effects of existing traffic safety measures by using existing statistical data; 2) evaluation of ITS-based traffic safety measures (ordinary roads and expressways) based on social experiments (probe vehicle surveys) and stated preference surveys by incorporating the influence drivers’ heterogeneity and short-term memory; 3) driving risk modeling by making full use of driving speed, electrocardiogram, brain wave, movement of eyes. As of April 2013, 23 refereed papers and 17 other papers were published in international recognized journals such as Accident Analysis and Prevention (SCI, the top journal of traffic safety studies), Transportation Research Record (SCI), and ATS (Asian Transport Studies) of EASTS.

Details refer to: here.

Five major pagers are as follows:

  1. Heterogeneous influence of driving propensity on driving intention on expressways under the provision of traffic warning information. Asian Transport Studies, 2 (2), 161-177 (Yasuhiro KUSUHASHI, Junyi ZHANG, Makoto CHIKARAISHI and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2012)
  2. Effects of in-vehicle traffic warning information under heterogeneous driving situations. Compendium of Papers CD-ROM, the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., January 23-27 (CD-ROM) (Wonchul, KIM, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA and Soo Beom LEE, 2011)
  3. Evaluation of the effects of in-vehicle real-time traffic safety warning information incorporating the influence of short-term memory: Model development and application, Compendium of Papers CD-ROM, the 90th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, D.C., January 23-27 (CD-ROM) (Wonchul, KIM, Junyi ZHANG, Akimasa FUJIWARA and Moon NAMGUNG, 2011)
  4. Effects of in-vehicle warning information on drivers’ decelerating and accelerating behaviors near an arch-shaped intersection, Accident Analysis and Prevention, 41, 948-958 (Junyi ZHANG, Koji SUTO and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2009) 
  5. Impacts of Driving Experience and In-Vehicle Traffic Safety Information on Traffic Stability Risk in Young Male Drivers: An Evaluation Incorporating Driver’s Short-Term Memory. Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 8, 2050-2063 (Wonchul KIM, Junyi ZHANG and Akimasa FUJIWARA, 2010)

Climate Change Adaptation Measures 気候変動適応策の研究

  • Households’ life adaptation strategies against climate change disasters in Bangladesh
  • Tourists’ adaptation strategies against climate change disasters in Bangladesh
  • Population migration under the impacts of climate change disasters in Bangladesh

Sustainable Tourism and Leisure Studies 持続可能な観光と余暇

  • Sustainable development and small-scale enterprises in China and Lao PDR (持続可能な発展と小規模観光企業:ラオスと中国)
  • International tourists in Japan and their contributions to regional revitalization 訪日外国人観光行動と地方活性化政策
  • Research on Michi-no-eki (in Japanese: 道の駅) or Yi Zhan (驿站)in China



Energy Studies エネルギーの応用研究

Healthy Life and City 健康生活と都市

  • Healthy city
  • Built environment
  • Non-motorized travel (active travel)
  • Life choices and health

Smart Mobilities and Life: ICT & IoT & AI Studies 情報通信技術、IoTと人工知能の応用研究

Cross-border Regional Development along the Mekong River メコン流域における国境横断型まちづくりの研究

  • Border towns
  • Mekong River
  • Transportation
  • Trade
  • Tourism
  • Daily life
  • Cultural identity

Survey methods/調査方法

Our lab has rich experience in developing/implementing various surveys mainly focusing on users/customers, but recently, we are also developing/implementing surveys targeting supply sides, even multiple stakeholders.
  1. 交通日誌調査(パーソントリップ調査) Travel Diary Survey (or Person Trip Survey)
  2. 活動日誌調査 Activity Dairy Survey
  3. 表明選好調査 Stated Preference Survey, including SP-off-RP Survey
  4. 走行実験 Driving Experiments
  5. 安全運転行動変容調査 Driving Behavioral Change Survey
  6. 市民生活行動調査 Life-oriented behavioral survey (including life history survey)
  7. 健康行動総合調査 Health Behavior survey
  8. 世帯エネルギー消費行動調査 Household energy consumption behavior survey
  9. 観光行動調査 Tourism behavior survey
  10. 移住に関する行動変容調査 Survey of Migration-related Behavioral Changes
  11. 気候災害と世帯適応行動の調査 Survey of Households’ Adaptation Behavior against Climate Disasters
  12. 一日再現法による調査 Surveys based on Day Reconstruction Method
    • 移動時気持ちの調査 Affective experience during travel
    • 買い物時気持ちの調査 Affective experience during shopping
  13. 都市サービス評価総合調査 Survey of Urban Services Evaluation
  14. 顧客満足度調査 Survey of Customer Satisfaction
  15. 都市ガバナンス調査 Survey of Urban Governance

研究テーマ群別実績の経年的推移(旧分類) Growth of research publications over years (old categories)