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  • Books: 9 books
  • Other papers: 400+
  • Keynote speeches and invited speeches > 40 times

Peer-reviewed Papers 査読付き学術論文

Books 専門書

  1. Junyi Zhang*, Yoshitsugu Hayashi (2022) Transportation Amid COVID-19 and Pandemics: Lessons Learned from COVID-19”, Elsevier (in press)
  2. Junyi Zhang, Tao Feng, Saori Kashima (2022) COVID-19 & Pandemics, Lifestyles, and the Built Environment: A Perspective of Planetary Health, Springer (approved; under preparation)
  3. Junyi ZHANG (2023) Research Handbook on Transport and COVID-19. Edward Elgar Publishing (approved; under preparation)
  4. 交通・都市計画のQOL主流化:経済成長から個人の幸福へ。編集:林良嗣・森田紘圭・竹下博之・加知範康・加藤博和;執筆者:高野剛志・顧福妹・クー ヨンジン・戸川卓哉・ロジャー ヴィッカーマン・ヴィェルナー ローテンガッター・イーヴ クロゼー・八尾光洋・ジェイムズ レザー・張峻屹・K.E. シータラム。明石書店、2021.
  5. Junyi ZHANG (2019) Transport and Energy Research: A Behavioral Perspective, Elsevier (450 pages; September 18, 2019) [doi: 10.1016/C2017-0-04286-6]
  6. Junyi ZHANG, Cheng-Min FENG (2018) Routledge Handbook of Transport in Asia (528 pages; June 12, 2018). [doi: 10.4324/9781315739618]
  7. Junyi ZHANG (2017) Life-oriented Behavioral Research for Urban Policy, Springer (518 pages; January 3, 2017). [doi: 10.1007/978-4-431-56472-0]
  8. 張峻屹(編集代表) (2015) 市民生活行動学、土木学会出版, 2015.03 [編集:土木計画学研究委員会 市民生活行動研究小委員会] (374 pages)
  9. Akimasa FUJIWARA and Junyi ZHANG (2013) Sustainable Transport Studies in Asia. Springer (292 pages; May 2013). [doi: 10.1007/978-4-431-54379-4]

Guest Editors of International Journals 国際誌客員編集者

  1. Special Issue “Impacts of COVID-19 and Other Pandemics on the Passenger Transport Sector and Policy Measures”, Transport Policy [under edition]
  2. Special Issue “Life-oriented Travel Behavior Analysis”, Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice [IF=3.693], Volume 104 (Guest editors: Junyi ZHANG & Veronique van Acker (2017))
  3. Special Issue “Activity-travel behaviour analysis for universal mobility design”, Transportmetrica [IF=1.988], Volume 8, No. 3 (Guest editors: Junyi ZHANG and H.J.P. TIMMERMANS (2012))
  4. Special Issue “Modeling Household Activity Travel Behavior”, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological [IF=4.574], Volume 43, Issue 2 (Guest editors: H.J.P. TIMMERMANS and Junyi ZHANG (2009))
  5. Special Issue “Smart Technologies and Urban Life: A Behavioral and Social Perspective”, Sustainable Cities and Society [IF=4.624] (Guest editors: Junyi ZHANG and Shenjing HE); To be published in 2020.
  6. Special Issue “Understanding Young People’s Life Choices and Travel Behavior”, Transportation Research Part D [IF=4.051] (Guest editors: Junyi ZHANG and Ying JIANG); To be published in 2020.

WOS_SCI/SSCI papers: under review

  • Ying Jiang, Junyi Zhang (2022) How do expected changes in life affect young people’s stated ownership of privately-owned autonomous vehicles: A comparative study.
  • Peng Jia, Jishi Wu; Tao Feng; Haijiang Li; Junyi Zhang; Haibo Kuang (2021) Assessing the spatiotemporal impacts of the built environment on carbon emissions.
  • Weiyan Zong, Junyi Zhang*, Xiaoguang Wang (2020) Analysis of Migration Biography by Building a Life-course Intertemporal Discrete Choice Model. Journal of Choice Modeling (under review)
  • Weiyan Zong, Junyi Zhang* (2020) How do life choices affect residential energy consumption in Japan? An analysis based on the life-oriented approach.
  • Shuang Ma, Shuangjin Li, Junyi Zhang* (2020) Impacts of Inter/Intra-City Network Structures on the Spread of COVID-19 and Spatial Differences.
  • Jingyao Li, Junyi ZHANG, Shengchuan Zhao (2019) Analysis of university students’ weekly time use and its influential factors based on a multilevel utility-maximizing time use model: A case study in China
  • Linghan ZHANG, Junyi ZHANG: Keep or Quit: What is the Future of Small Tourism Enterprises (STEs) in Rural tourism? A Case Study in Rural China Based on Stated Preference and Mixed Logit Modeling Approaches.

WOS_SCI/SSCI papers: Almost ready for submission for review

  • Roadside Rest Areas for Rural Revitalization in Japan: A Perspective of Consuming Rurality by Visitors
  • Tourist preference for rural tourism in China: Evidence from mixed logit model with repeated choices.
  • Seeking for rural experience in disadvantaged areas: A comparison between China and Lao PDR.

ほかの出版物、研究成果  Other publications, research achievements

ほかの出版物、研究成果  Other publications, research achievements: here