Keynote Speeches and Invited Speeches


  1. Zhang, J. (2022) Transportation Amid Pandemics: Lessons Learned from COVID-19. Keynote speech at The 29th International Conference on Geoinformatics in 2022 and the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of CPGIS, August 15-18.
  2. 张峻屹 (2022) 日本的 “社会 5.0″和数字化田园城市国家构想. 江苏2022数字经济高端论坛「数字驱动的智慧城市 场景创新与未来展望」, July 30.
  3. Zhang, J. (2022) Transport & Planetary Health: Connections and Solutions. Keynote speech at the 22nd COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals. Intelligent, Green and Connected Transportation. Changsha, China, July 8 – 11.
  4. Zhang, J. (2022) Transport and Environment Under the Impacts of COVID-19. Invited speech at International Conference on Energy, Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (ERESD 2022)”, Xuzhou, China, May 26-27.
  5. Zhang, J. (2021) Transport Solutions to Planetary Health: A Methodological Perspective (星球健康的交通解决方案:方法论视角). Keynote speech at the Special Meeting of Modern Transportation Technology & Industry (现代交通工程技术与产业专题会), the International Forum on Innovation and Emerging Industries Development (创新与新兴产业发展国际会议). Shanghai, China, December 26.
  6. Zhang, J. (2021) Smart Development of Urban Public Transport in Japan (日本城市公交智慧化发展), Keynote speech at the National Forum of Smart Development of Public Transport (全国智慧公交创新发展高峰论坛暨) – (China Urban Public Transport Association) 中国城市公共交通协会智慧公交分会成立大会. Chongqing, China, December 9.
  7. Zhang, J. (2021) Pandemics and Transport: Policy Responses and Challenges. Keynote speech, The 20th and 21st joint COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP 2020-21), Xi’an, China, Dec 17-20.
  8. Zhang, J. and Hongxiang Ding (2021) Changes in Activity-Travel Behavior and Social Contacts Under the Impacts of COVID-19. Invited speech at the session “Travel Behavior and Activities”, The 20th and 21st joint COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP 2020-21), Xi’an, China, Dec 17-20.
  9. Zhang, J. (2021) Process Management of Low-carbon Development of Urban Transport (城市交通低碳发展政策过程管理), Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, China. Beijing, November 19.
  10. Zhang, J. (2021) Integrated Process Management of Carbon Reduction in the Transport Sector: A Methodological Perspective. Keynote speech at The 9th International Conference on Railway Operations Modelling and Analysis, November 3 – 7.
  11. Zhang, J. (2021) DIRECT Approach and its Application to Governance of Post-pandemic Carbon Reduction in the Transport Sector. Invited speech at The 7th International Conference on Integrated Land Use Transport Modeling. Xi’an, China, June 18-19.
  12. Zhang, J. (2021) Post-pandemic Policies and Strategies for Smart and Low-Carbon Development of Comprehensive Transportation in Urban Agglomerations: Discussion Based on the DIRECT Approach. Invited speech at the Summit Forum of Smart and Low-carbon Development of Comprehensive Transportation in New-generation City Clusters under the Policy of China’s Strength in Transportation (交通强国-新时期城市群综合交通智慧低碳发展高端论坛). Beijing, China. April 27.
  13. Hayashi Y., Zhang J, Takeshita H. (2020) Transport in the aftermath of COVID-19: lessons learned and future directions: a case of Japan. Intergovernmental 13th Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum in Asia, 10-11 November 2020.
  14. Hayashi Y., Zhang J, Takeshita H. (2020) The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic in transport and land use: Interpreting the results of WCTRS expert survey. Applied Urban Modelling (AUM) 2020, The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge, October 22, 2020.
  15. Zhang J. (2020) A new policymaking framework for addressing the impacts of COVID-19 and future pandemics: PASS approach and its applications. Invited speech at ADBI-Chubu University Conference on Transport Infrastructure Development, Spillover Effects and Quality of Life [online], October 12, 2020.
  16. Zhang J. (2020) Impacts of COVID-19 on the Transport Sector and Measures Against Public Health Threats: Policymaking Based on a PASS Approach. Invited speech at ADBI-WCTRS Webinar Series, June 12, 2020.
  17. Zhang J. (2020) The measures taken in the railway sector against COVID-19 in Japan. Invited speech at World Bank Sustaining Transport Services in the COVID-19 Pandemic-Railway Services Webinar, May 20, 2020.
  18. Hayashi Y., Zhang J. (2020) How to fundamentally reform transport and living-work systems considering pandemics? – Infection, Resilience, QOL and Mindset -. Invited speech at World Bank Sustaining Transport Services in the COVID-19 Pandemic-Railway Services Webinar, May 20, 2020.
  19. Junyi ZHANG (2020) Life-oriented urban management. Keynote speech (Skype speech) at the 23rd City Governance Roundtable Forum, organized by Nanjing City at The Great Hall of the People of Nanjing City, January 16, 2020.
  20. Junyi ZHANG (2019) Research progress of the life-oriented approach. Keynote speech at the 15th Conference on Spatiotemporal Behavior and Planning Spatiotemporal Behavioral Interaction and Urban Sustainability, Shenzhen, China, December 13, 2019.
  21. Junyi ZHANG (2019) Research on Human Factors in Aviation Safety Management – A Case Study in Mongolian and Its Implications to Railway Operation. Keynote speech at the 6th International Symposium on Railway Operations Research (ISROR), Beijing, China, October 27, 2019.
  22. Junyi ZHANG (2018) Parking policy and management in Japan. Keynote speech (Skype speech) at the 17th City Governance Roundtable Forum, organized by Nanjing City at The Exhibition Hall of Jiangnin Qu, Nanjing City, November 26, 2018.
  23. Junyi ZHANG (2018) An activity-trip scheduling model incorporating timing constraints, censored timing and sequential correlation. Keynote speech at the 5th International Symposium on Railway Operations Research, December 1-3, 2018
  24. Junyi ZHANG (2018) Life-oriented Approach and Mobilities Studies. Keynote speech at the International Conference of Mobilities, Health, Wellbeing and Tourism, Guangzhou, China, Nov 29 – Dec 2.
  25. Junyi ZHANG and Ying JIANG (2018) Analyses of ownership and usage of autonomous vehicles based on stated preference models with behavioral decision-making mechanisms. Keynote speech at the Workshop on Transportation Research, 11-12 October 2018, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing.
  26. Junyi Zhang (2018) Time use modeling. Keynote speech at the 3rd International Time Geography Conference, Beijing China, September 20-23, 2018.
  27. Junyi ZHANG (2018) Influence of the built environment on travel mode choice: ideal and reality. Invited speech at the 2018 World Transport Convention, Beijing, June 18-21, 2018.
  28. Junyi ZHANG (2018) The Life-oriented Approach for Integrated Urban Modeling. Invited speech at The 4th International Workshop on Integrated Land Use Transport Modeling, Beijing, June 16, 2018.
  29. Junyi Zhang (2017) The Challenges in Transport Development and Connectivity in/for Developing Countries. Keynote Speech at the 20th FSTPT (Indonesian Inter-University Transportation Studies Forum or Forum Studi Transportasi antar Perguruan Tinggi) Symposium & the 1st ISTSDC (International Symposium on Transportation Studies in Developing Countries), Makassar, Indonesia, Nov 4, 2017.
  30. Junyi ZHANG (2016) Regional Development and Population Migration in Japan~ A longitudinal study ~. Invited speech at the 2nd International Symposium on Land Resource Utilization and Management, Shanghai, Nov. 12-13.
  31. Junyi ZHANG (2016) Japan’s Innovations in Managing Urban Transportation Problems. Invited Speech at the 2016 Global Cities Forum, Shanghai, October 30.
  32. Junyi ZHANG (2015) Low-carbon Transport in Japan. Invited Speech at the Forum on Integrated Transportation for Mega City Clusters (Jing-Jin-Ji), BJUT, November 6.
  33. Junyi ZHANG, Ying JIANG (2015) Can we promote safer driving based on smartphone apps?. The 3rd Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG), Kolkata, India, December 17-20.
  34. Junyi ZHANG (2014) Development of a GPS-enabled smart phone app for driving safety diagnosis. Invited Speech at 14th COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP2014), July 4-7, 2014, in Changsha, China.
  35. Junyi ZHANG, Yubing XIONG (2013) Effects of life choices on the quality of life: A case study in Japan based on a combined Exhaustive CHAID and Bayesian Belief Network Approach. Invited Speech at the Seminar ‘Advances in Happiness Economics’, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 28-29 
  36. Junyi ZHANG, Ying JIANG (2013) Post-accident adaptation behavior and dynamic travel information: A comparison between the elderly and non-elderly. Invited Speech at the International Workshop “Age-friendly Safety and Welfare in Transportation”, Hanbat National University (Daejeon), June 13.
  37. 張峻屹(2013)市民生活行動学の視点からみた次世代モビリティ.次世代モビリティ研究会、刈谷市、2月7日.
  38. Junyi ZHANG (2012) From activity-based to life-oriented approach: Interdisciplinary challenges. Invited Speech at the International Seminar on Applications of Activity-based Transportation Modeling in Simulation and ICT Impacts, Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS) and TOD-based Engineering Research Center (TOD ERC), Seoul, South Korea, October 19.
  39. Junyi ZHANG (2012) Interdisciplinary behavior studies for cross-sector energy policies. Keynote Speech in the International Conference on Low-carbon Transportation, Logistics and Green Buildings (LTLGB2012), Beijing, October 12-13.
  40. Junyi ZHANG (2010) A review of tourist scheduling behavior models. Invited Speech at The First International Conference on the Future of Human Mobility, Thai Society for Transportation and Traffic Studies, Phuket, Thailand, January 22-23. 
  41. Junyi ZHANG (2010) Modeling inter-personal interactions in activity-travel behavior. Traffic and Transportation Studies 2010 ASCE (Invited Speech. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Studies, Kunming, China, August 3-5, 13-26.
  42. Junyi ZHANG (2009) Subjective well-being and activity-travel behavior analysis: Applying day reconstruction method to explore affective experience during travel. Invited Speech. Proceedings of The 14th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies, Hong Kong, December 10-12, Vol. 2, 439-449.
  43. Junyi ZHANG (2009) Transport Governance for a Low-carbon Society: Theories and Practices, Invited Speech at the 5th China Transport Forum, October 17
  44. Akimasa FUJIWARA, Junyi ZHANG and Koji SUTO (2008) Evaluation of the effects of a warning information system on reducing traffic accidents based on a social experiment in Hiroshima, Japan. Invited Speech. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Traffic & Transportation Studies, 26-53, Nanning, China, August 5-7.
  45. Junyi ZHANG (2006) Promoting Transit-Oriented Residential Choice in Hiroshima City. Invited Speech at the TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) Symposium in Dalian, China, June 3.
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