Prospective students


Any persons with backgrounds related to your lab research are welcome to join our lab. Our lab is recruiting students for master and doctoral courses. In our lab, English is a formal language (more than 2/3 of our students are international students), in addition to another formal language: Japanese.

  • Currently, we are especially calling for the following research on mobilities and urban policy in the context of urban, transportation, environment and energy, and tourism issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, but not limited to, 
    • (1) Mobilities
      • Integrated behavioral studies: migration, travel, driving, residential, energy consumption, health, and tourism behaviors, etc.
      • Mobilities of different population groups (young people, the elderly, women, and children, talent workers, etc.) and QOL
    • (2) Urban policy
      • Life-oriented policies for local city revitalization
      • How will smartphone apps change people’s lives?
      • Policies encouraging behavioral change: Energy-saving, health, safety
      • Climate changes adaptive urban planning
      • Culture-centered urban management and city image formation
      • Effective use of regional resources for regional revitalization, etc.

 Scholarship information for doctoral candidates:

  • Every year, there are a number of available scholarships, mainly MEXT scholarships (special course, university recommendation, embassy recommendation, etc.).

  • Students are also welcome to apply for other scholarships, for example, Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program operated by CSC, Vietnam government’s 911 Program, and other governments’ scholarships (e.g., Indonesia). For the CSC scholarship and 911 Program scholarship, Hiroshima University prepares about 20 and 5 positions for tuition waiver, respectively, every year.

Scholarship information for master students:

  • We have scholarships provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), World Bank (WB), and Asian Development Bank (ADB), and by various other foundations, private firms, etc.

>>>>> For those who are interested in our lab, please contact Prof. Junyi Zhang (