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  • Prof. Junyi Zhang was selected into Stanford University’s 2019 List of Most Cited Researchers for All Disciplines.
  • The WCTRS COVID-19 Task Force is collecting information about research on COVID-19 (and other pandemics) in the field of transport, logistics, supply chain, regional and urban planning, tourism, etc. If you have done relevant research, we appreciate your answering the following survey form. If you have not, we appreciate your forwarding this message to those persons, you know, who might have done relevant research. The survey contents are very simple: here.

Since late March 2020, Our lab has been helping WCTRS to address the impacts of COVID-19 and propose emergent and long-term policy measures/strategies. Details: here.

From the viewpoints of mobilities and urban policy, the Mobilities and Urban Policy Lab deals with various urban, transportation, environment and energy, health and pandemics, and tourism issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, especially focusing on the development of methodologies (e.g., surveys, modeling, policy evaluation and planning) and applications of the methodologies in both developed and developing countries. 

Since September 2020, Prof. Junyi Zhang has been proposing a brand new discipline “Harmonization Science”, aiming to contribute to the next development goal after the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Major research contents are as follows:

  • Life-oriented Behavioral Research
  • Policymaking methods based on life-oriented approach
  • Urbanization caused by rural migrant workers under the New China Urbanization Policy and its impacts on low-carbon urban development
  • Interdisciplinary research on policies promoting young people’s migration to and permanent residence in local cities
  • Cross-border regional/urban planning in Asian developing countries
  • Smart technology and urban life
  • Climate change and sustainable development in developing countries
  • Regional revitalization policies by making use of regional resources and culture
  • Urban policies for women, the elderly and children
  • Urban policies encouraging behavioral changes
  • Comprehensive research on the built environment (transport, energy, health, etc.)
  • Pandemics-resilient policy and planning

The citation map of our publications:

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Yearly growth of our publications:

The following books include fundamental theories/methodologies developed by our lab.