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CHESS lab orientation for October 2020

We had a lab orientation by introducing ourselves and sharing some information regarding the lab seminar and others. CHESS lab is growing and expanding! See you all in HU soon.

Oral presentation at vICCE2020

Riam’s work based on his master thesis is presented at vICCE2020. Badriana, M.R., and H.S. Lee. Evaluation and bias correction of marine surface winds in the western North Pacific from CMIP5 and CMIP6 GCMs for wave climate modelling. vICCE2020 virtual conference, 6 –…
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New members

CHESS lab is now growing and being diverse. From this October 2020, we have 8 new members joined our CHESS lab. We have now 20 members from 13 different countries. Let’s respect each other and maximize our capacity! See the…
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Oral presentation in IAHR-APD2020

Wahid made an oral presentation at IAHR-APD 2020, Sapporo, Japan. Hussainzada Wahidullah, Han Soo Lee, and Vinayak Bhanage. Snow cover mapping for SUSTAINABLE water resource management in the Balkhab River basin in Afghanistan using MODIS satellite normalized difference snow index (NDSI) products. The…
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Farewell to Mr. Hort

Seng Hort completed his master course and just graduated in 18th September 2020. Congratulations and hope to see you in Cambodia.

New Publication

A. Bunodiere and H.S. Lee*, 2020. Renewable energy curtailment: Prediction using a logic-based forecasting method and mitigation measures in Kyushu, Japan. Energies 2020, 13(18), 4703; Abstract High variable renewable energy (VRE) penetration led to the first-ever VRE curtailment in Japan, occurring in Kyushu in October…
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Gfs example

Small amplitude solitary wave interacting with a parabolic hump Link

New publication

I. Guiamel and H.S. Lee*, 2020. Potential Hydropower Estimation for the Mindanao River Basin in the Philippines Based on Watershed Modelling Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool. Energy Reports, 6, 1010-1028. Open access Abstract This study aims to identify potential hydropower sites and…
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New publications

Cabrera, J. and Lee, H.S.*, 2020. Flood risk assessment for Davao Oriental in the Philippines using geographic information system‐based multi‐criteria analysis and the maximum entropy model. J Flood Risk Management. 2020; e12607. (Open access) Abstract The assessments of flood‐prone areas and flood risk due…
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