Han Soo LEE(이 한수, 李 漢洙)

  • Professor (Dr. Eng), The IDEC Institute, Hiroshima University
  • [HU Researcher Profile][Google scholar][Research Gate][ORCID][SCOPUS][WoS ResearcherID]
  • Home country: Korea
  • Room: IDEC#414
  • Tel: +81-82-424-4405
  • Email: leehs(at)hiroshima-u.ac.jp
  • Research subject: Coastal and Ocean Engineering
  • Research interests: storm surge, wind waves, typhoons, coastal hazard risk analysis, renewable energy resource assessment, sustainable energy supply and management in developing countries, water resource management, time series analysis

Academic background(学歴)

  • Oct 2004 ~ Sep 2007 : Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan (Dr. Eng)
  • Mar 2002 ~ Feb 2004 : Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, Korea (Master degree in Civil Engineering)
  • Mar 1994 ~ Feb 2002 : Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Suwon, Korea (Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering)

Professional experiences(職歴)

  • August 2022 ~ Present: Professor (Full)
    • Center for the Planetary Health and Innovation Science (PHIS), The IDEC Institute, Hiroshima University
    • Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University
  • September 2022 ~ October 2022: International consultant, UNDP in Mongolia
    • Trainer of model for meteorological research and forecasting, community earth system models and command language in Green Climate Fund project for [Improving Adaptive Capacity and Risk Management of Rural Communities in Mongolia]
  • April 2020 ~ July 2022: Associate Professor
    • Transdisciplinary Science and Engineering (TSE) Program, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Hiroshima University
    • (April 2022 ~ July 2022) Center for the Planetary Health and Innovation Science (PHIS), The IDEC Institute, Hiroshima University
  • April 2016 ~ March 2020: Associate Professor
    • Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation (IDEC), Hiroshima University
  • April 2014 ~ March 2016: Associate Professor
    • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Saitama University
  • January 2012 ~ March 2012: Visiting researcher
    • College of Marine Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan
  • October 2008 ~ March 2014: Assistant Professor
    • IDEC, Hiroshima University
  • April 2008 ~ September 2008: Postdoctoral fellow
    • IDEC, Hiroshima University
  • October 2007 ~ March 2008: Center of Excellence (COE) Researcher
    • the 21st century COE program, IDEC, Hiroshima University
  • December 1995 ~ February 1998: National military service, Korea

Professional affiliations(学会)

  • 2014 ~ present Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS)
  • 2012 ~ present    International Association of Hydro-environment Engineering and Research (IAHR): member
  • 2011 ~ present    Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU): member
  • 2009 ~ present    European Geosciences Union (EGU): member
  • 2008 ~ present    Korean Society of Oceanography (KSO): member
  • 2005 ~ present    American Geophysical Union (AGU): member
  • 2004 ~ present    Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE): member
  • 2002 ~ present    Korean Society of Coastal and Ocean Engineers (KSCOE): member

Professional committee(委員会

  • JSCE CEC (海岸工学委員会) 気候変動研究会委員, 2021年6月21日(2年間),(社)土木学会
  • 土木学会海岸工学委員会中国・四国地区 委員兼幹事, 2021年04月, 2023年03月, 土木学会
  • JSCE CEC (海岸工学委員会) 沿岸域の気候変動影響評価・適応検討に関する小委員会委員, 2019年12月, 2021年11月, (社)土木学会
  • JSCE CEC (海岸工学委員会) 沿岸域の気候変動影響評価・適応検討に関する小委員会委員, 2018年04月, 2019年11月, (社)土木学会
  • JICA 調査団員, 2017年02月, 2017年03月, 独立行政法人国際協力機構

Editorial board member(編集委員)

Guest Editor-in-Chief(特集号編集長

Article reviews(査読)

  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (Elsevier)
  • Climate Change (Springer)
  • Arabian Journal of Geoscience (Springer)
  • Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (SCIE, MDPI)
  • IEEE Access (SCIE, IEEE)
  • Sustainability (SCIE, MDPI)
  • Sustainable Cities and Society (SCIE, Elsevier)
  • Atmospheric Science Letters (SCI, Wiley)
  • Water (SCIE, MDPI)
  • Atmosphere (SCIE, MDPI)
  • Science of the Total Environment (SCI, Publisher: Elsevier)
  • Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans (SCI, Publisher: AGU and Wiley)
  • Limnology and Oceanography (SCI, Publisher: Wiley and ALSO)
  • Global and Planetary Changes (SCI, Publisher: Elsevier)
  • International Journal on Remote Sensing (SCI-E, Publisher: Taylor & Francis)
  • Ocean Science Journal (SCI-E, Publisher: Springer and KIOST)
  • Journal of Coastal Conservation: Planning and Management (SCI-E, Publisher: Springer)
  • Applied Ocean Research (SCI-E, Publisher: Elsevier)
  • Coastal Engineering Journal (SCI-E, The Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE))
  • Natural Hazards and Earth System Science (SCI-E, European Geosciences Union (EGU))
  • Ocean Engineering (SCI, Publisher: Elsevier)
  • Ocean Dynamics (SCI-E, Publisher: Springer)
  • Natural Hazards (SCI-E, Publisher: Springer)
  • Journal of Hydrology (SCI, Publisher: Elsevier)
  • Journal of Aerospace Engineering (SCI, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE))
  • Journal of Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation (The Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation)
  • Journal of International Development and Cooperation (Hiroshima University)

Research Funds(研究資金)

JSPS Kaken (科研)

  • (SATREPS:分担)パリ協定による2030年目標に向けた高温多湿気候下のインドネシアにおける低炭素アフォーダブル集合住宅の社会実装 Link
  • (基盤C:体表)適合格子細分化によるシームレス津波・高潮氾濫モデルの開発 Link
  • (挑戦的萌芽:体表)全球における非線形海面上昇トレンド評価とその予測 Link
  • (挑戦的萌芽:分担)音響津波流速計の開発 Link
  • (若手B:体表)アダプティブ有限要素法を採用した高解像度瀬戸内海流動モデルの開発 Link

Others (その他)

  • (京都大学防災研究所 一般共同研究:体表)相乗型豪雨災害による瀬戸内海漂流物予測シミュレーター開発 Link
  • (前田工業振興財団:体表) 適合格子細分化による沿岸・河口域のためのシームレスモデル開発  
  • (大林財団:分担)東南アジア新興国を対象とした都市ヒートアイランド緩和ガイドラインの作成-主要3都市におけるマスタープラン実施後の都市ヒートアイランド予測- 
  • (住友財団:体表)アジア沿岸域管理に資する非線形相対性海面上昇評価とシナリオの開発 
  • (国土交通省 平成 27年度国土政策関係研究支援事業:分担)成長都市ハノイにおける都市マスタープラン改善案としての都市マスタープラン改善案としての水と緑の分散配置による都市高温化緩和策の共同提案 
  • (三井物産環境基金:分担)東南アジア新興国の主要都市における都市マスタープラン実施後のヒートアイランド予測とその緩和策の提案 
  • (碧波技術研究所:体表)冬季日本海における偶発高波に関する研究 
  • (クリタ水・環境科学振興財団:体表)渦解像度内海モデルによる瀬戸内海における潮汐・津波の相互作用に関する研究 
  • (広島大学大学院国際協力研究科GELs研究助成:体表)Integrated water environment management using Regional Environment Simulator: Applications to Jakarta flood and the Citarum River basin 
  • (広島大学大学院国際協力研究科研究助成:体表)Development of an integrated environment modeling system for the Seto Inland Sea

Education Programs and University Committee(教育活動と学内委員会)

  • HICEC Center: Hiroshima International Center for Environmental Cooperation (広島大学国際環境協力プロジェクト研究センター)
  • GELs Program : Global Environmental Leaders Education Program for Designing a Low-Carbon Society (科学技術戦略推進費 低炭素社会を設計する国際県境リーダー育成プログラム)
  • Taoyaka Program : TAOYAKA PROGRAM for creating a flexible, enduring, peaceful society (たおやかで平和な共生社会創生プログラム)

Awards & Scholarships(受賞)

  • The Excellent Student Scholarship awards in Hiroshima University in 2022:
    • Morhaf Aljber, and Jonathan Salar Cabrera
  • The Best Presentation Awards at the 9th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research (ICEER), September 12-16, 2022
    • Aljber M.Sakanoue G., Cabrera J.S., Jeong J.-S., and Lee H.S. “Assessment of potential tidal power sites in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, using multi-criteria evaluation.” 
  • The Best presentation awards at the 8th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research (ICEER), September 13-16, 2021. Rome, Italy (Virtual conference)
    • Karodine Chreng, Han Soo Lee and Soklin Tuy. “Electricity Demand Prediction for Sustainable Development in Cambodia using Recurrent Neural Networks with ERA5 Reanalysis Climate Variables”
    • Le Quang Khai and Han Soo Lee. “Efficiency Assessment of Technologies Implementation in Vietnam Power Transmission System”
  • August 2021: The best master thesis award, TSE program, Hiroshima University
    • Chreng Karodine (2nd)
  • The Best Presentation Award at the 41st Wind Energy Symposium, Tokyo, Japan
    • Alex Bunodiere, and Lee H.S. Mitigation techniques to reduce renewable energy curtailment using a novel long-term forecasting method. 第41回風力エネルギー利用シンポジウム, 日本風力エネルギー学会,4-5 December, Tokyo, Japan.
  • February 2020: The best master thesis award, IDEC, Hiroshima University
    • Alex Bunodiere (1st)
  • August 2019: The best master presentation award, IDEC, Hiroshima University
    • Guiamel Ismail Adal (3rd)
  • August 2018: The best master presentation award, IDEC, Hiroshima University
    • Jonathan Cabrera (1st)
    • Muhammad Hadi Saputra (2nd)
  • February 2014: The best master thesis award, IDEC, Hiroshima University
    • Tomohisa Shimoyama
  • 31 Aug 2008: Earth Environmental Technology Award from the 16th Committee on Global Environment, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) awarded for “the RES development and application”
  • Oct 2004 ~ Sep 2007: Asia 100 Scholarship, Yoshida Scholarship Foundation
  • 1998, 1999, 2001: Excellent student scholarships based on academic performance, Sungkyunkwan University

Languages & Qualifications(言語・資格)

  • Korean: Mother tongue
  • English: Fluent in Written and Spoken (IELTS:6.5, TOEIC:895)
  • Japanese: Fluent in Written and Spoken (JLPT: N1)
  • Boat Sailing License: Level 2 (sailing limited in 5 nautical miles from shoreline)
  • Computing Skills: UNIX/Linux script language, Fortran, GMT, Ferret, GrADS, Matlab, R, etc
  • Linux Cluster: Many experiences in establishing and maintaining high-performance Linux clusters (HPLCs) (Established an HPLC at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia.)