After 2014(2014年以降)

51. Fernanda Zambonini (Brazil)

  • Thesis: Driving forces of CO2 emissions in the Brazilian energy sector: An index decomposition analysis for comparing emission scenarios in the country from 2010 through 2030 (September 2023)
  • Joint International Master’s Program (home: Leipzig University, Germany)

50. Shehzad Usman (Pakistan)

  • Thesis: Modelling and Comparison of Streamflow between Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in Kabul River Basin (September 2023)

49. Hasan Sk Nazmul (Bangladesh)

  • Thesis: Flood risk assessment of Dhaka City by integrated gis-based storm water management model (SWMM) (September 2023)

48. Morhaf Aljber (Syria)

  • Thesis: Optimal sites selection and potential power assessment for tidal power generation in the Seto Inland Sea, Japan, based on high-resolution ocean modelling and multi-criteria analysis (September 2023)
  • The best master thesis award (1st)
  • The best oral presentation award at ICEER2022

47. Sakamoto Chihaya(Japan)

  • Thesis: SCHISMとOpenDriftを利用した広島湾における粒子追跡数値実験 (March 2023)

46. Imada Naoki (Japan)

  • Thesis: 汎用土壌流出式 (USLE) を用いた平成30年7月豪雨による土砂流出量推定に関する研究 (March 2023)

45. Constanza Flores Henriquez (Chile)

  • Thesis: Tsunami evacuation in a crowd event with social force model using agent-based modelling (March 2023)

44. Stephanie Kiki Nidya (Indonesia)

  • Thesis: Water Resources Management in Musi Rawas Utara Regency by Determining the River Morphological Characteristic (Linkage program; September 2022)

43. Heng Piseth (Cambodia)

  • Thesis: Urban Flood Assessment in Preah Sihanouk City by using Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) with Urban Drainage System (September 2022)

42. Kenzhebaev Tynchtykbek (Kyrgyzstan)

  • Thesis: Flood risk assessment for the Salam-Alik district in Kyrgyzstan using a GIS-based multi-criteria analysis method (September 2022)

41. Haider Syed Zeeshan (Parkistan)

  • Thesis: Prediction of 2018 Flood Event Ota River Discharge in Hiroshima, Japan using ImpCEEMDAN-ANN Hybrid Model (September 2022)

40. Vu Cong Thuc (Vietnam)

  • Thesis: Improvement of noise filtering method in partial discharge (PD) measurement on high voltage equipment (September 2022)

39. Nhiavue Yevang (Laos)

  • Thesis: Sustainable Electricity Generation Planning with Renewable Energy Resources in Lao PDR (September 2022)

38. Lena Hobohm (Germany)

  • Research topic: Hydrometeorological data analysis and modelling
  • Joint Master in Sustainable Development (Graz University, Austria (April 2021 – December 2021))

37. Mahdi Khaleghi (Afghanistan)

  • Thesis: Flood hazard mapping using a heuristic random forest machine learning algorithm in the Kabul River Basin, Kabul, Afghanistan (March 2022)

36. Hayato Sakaguchi (Japan)

  • Theis: 広島湾における内部サージによる異常潮位に関する研究 (March 2022)

35. Ginga Sakanoue (Japan)

  • Theis: 瀬戸内海における潜在的潮流発電サイトの多基準評価に関する研究 (March 2022)

34. Kaho Nogami (Japan)

  • Theis: 適合格子細分化による2004年インド洋津波と2011年東北津波再現実験 (March 2022)

33. Le Quang Khai (Vietnam)

  • Theis: Efficiency Assessment of Technologies Implementation in Vietnam Power Transmission System Using Load Flow Methods (Sep. 2021)
  • The best presentation award at ICEER2021, Rome, Italy (Virtual conference)

32. Soklin Tuy (Cambodia)

  • Thesis: Assessment of Offshore Wind Power Resource in Cambodia Using Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model with Sentinel-1 Satellite Imagery and Equivalent CO₂ Reduction (Sep. 2021)

31. Karodine Chreng (Cambodia)

  • Thesis: Medium-term Prediction of Electricity Demand for Sustainable Energy Development in Cambodia using Improved CEEMDAN and Recurrent Neural Networks with ERA5 Reanalysis Climate Variables (Sep. 2021)
  • The best master thesis award (2nd)
  • The best presentation award at ICEER2021, Rome, Italy (Virtual conference)
  • Google Scholar

30. Shoobhangi Tyagi (IIT Delhi, India)

  • Research topic: Uncertainty of climate models and downscaling methods in future projections of climate variables over Mahanadi Basin
  • ILDP Program Internship (12 Oct. 2020 – 25 Jan. 2021)

29. Vinayak Bhanage (Center of Studies in Resources Eng., IIT Bombay, India)

  • Research topic:
    • Impacts of urban expansion on urban climate in Mumbai metropolitan area, India
    • Prediction of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Mumbai City, India, using Remote Sensing Data and a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network-based Markov Chain Model
  • ILDP Program Internship (1st Oct. 2019 – 30th Sep. 2020)
  • Google Scholar

28. Masashi Anjiki (Japan)

  • Thesis: 近赤外カメラを使った海洋プラスチックごみ探査に関する研究 (Research on a Marine Plastic Debris Exploration using a Near-infrared Camera) (Feb. 2021)

27. Kota Nomura (Japan)

  • Thesis: 適合格子細分化法を用いた津波と構造物の相互作用に関する研究 (Study on tsunami-structure interaction using adaptive mesh refinement method) (Feb. 2021)

26. Wahidullah Hussainzada (Afghanistan)

  • Thesis: Hydrological Modelling in Northern Afghanistan for Sustainable Water Resource Management with Remotely-Sensed Snow Cover Extent (Feb. 2021)
  • Google Scholar

25. Ricard Diago Sambuaga (Indonesia)

  • Thesis: Optimized Evacuation Plan and Decision Support System Development with Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) and GIS Analysis for Tsunami in Pandeglang, Banten, Indonesia (Feb. 2021)

24. Mbalenhle Immaculate Shabalala (S. Africa)

  • Thesis: Medium-Term Electricity Load Forecasting Using Neural Network with Improved Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise (impCEEMDAN) in Northern KwaZulu Natal, South Africa (Feb. 2021)

23. Seng Hort (Cambodia)

  • Thesis: Optimization of Energy Storage to Achieve Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Penetration into National Grid in Cambodia (Sep. 2020)

22. Tsuchida Kanako (Japan)

  • Thesis: d4PDFデータによる日本沿岸における風力エネルギー資源の評価 (Feb. 2020)

21. Miyake Momoka (Japan)

  • Thesis: 広島湾3次元循環モデリングのための非構造格子作成に関する研究 (Feb. 2020)

20. Mochamad Riam Badriana (Indonesia)

  • Thesis: Multi-model Ensemble Projection of Future Wave Climate in the Western North Pacific using CMIP dataset (Feb. 2020)
  • Google Scholar

19. Alex Bunodiere (South Africa)

  • Thesis: Mitigation Techniques to Reduce Renewable Energy Curtailment in Kyushu, Japan, Using a Novel Long-Term Forecasting Method (Feb. 2020)
  • The best master thesis award (1st)
  • The Best Presentation Award at the 41st Wind Energy Symposium (第41回風力エネルギー利用シンポジウム, 日本風力エネルギー学会), Tokyo, Japan

18. Guiamel Ismail Adal (Philippines)

  • Thesis: Watershed Modelling of Mindanao River Basins in the Philippines Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) for Sustainable Hydropower Development (Sep. 2019)
  • The best master thesis award (3rd)

17. Wirawan Widiyanto (Indonesia)

  • Thesis: Use of Twitter Data for Disaster Damage Assessment in Banten and Lampung, Indonesia, by Anak Krakatau Tsunami Event in December 2018 (Sep. 2019)

16. Md Morshed Bin Shiraj (Bangladesh)

  • Thesis: Assessment of the Relationship between Passages of Tropical Cyclones and their Origins of Genesis for Managing Risk of the Coast of Bangladesh (Sep. 2019)

15. Nicholas Denegre (USA)

  • Joint Master’s Degree with the University of Graz (2018)
  • Thesis: A study of regulatory and policy instruments in global energy markets associated with energy trading and prosumer concepts

14. Thomas Hocking (Sweden)

  • Visiting student from the University of Graz (2018)
  • Thesis: Improving WegenerNet temperature data products by advancing lapse rate and grid construction algorithms (June 2020)

13. Yukiya Kojima (Japan)

  • Thesis: 波浪中を低速航行する船舶に働く流体力と運動に関する研究 (Feb. 2019)

12. Kotaro Nakatsuka (Japan)

  • Thesis: CMIP5データ解析による日本における風力エネルギー資源の将来予測 (Feb. 2019)
  • Current affiliation: 日本ピラー工業株式会社

11. Jonathan Salar CABRERA (Philippines)

  • Thesis: A multi-criteria approach for flood risk and coastal erosion mapping: A case study of Davao region in the Philippines (Sep. 2018)
  • The best master thesis award (1st)
  • Google Scholar

10. Chanthephar KHATTIYAVONG (Laos)

  • Thesis: Assessment and improvement of sanitation and wastewater treatment in densely-populated residential area in Vientiane (Sep. 2018)

9. Ariuntuya BYAMBADORJ (Mongolia)

  • Thesis: Study on sustainable methodology for safe water supply and wastewater treatment in mainline-disconnected Ger areas of Ulaanbaatar City (Sep. 2018)

8. Muhammad Hadi Saputra (Indonesia)

  • Thesis: Climate change impacts on the suitability of tree species in Lake Toba catchment area (LTCA), Indonesia (Sep. 2018)
  • The best master thesis award (2nd)
  • Google Scholar

7. Daiki ONO (Japan)

  • Ocean Engineering
  • 卒論:

6. Kenjo NAGAHARA (Japan)

  • Wind power
  • Current affiliation: Shimane Prefecture
  • 卒論:CMIP5データ解析によるフィリピンにおける風力エネルギー資源の将来予測 (Feb. 2018)

5. Xailee Xayaxang (Laos)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Laos

4. Suguru TAKAISHI (Japan)

  • Hiroshima University
  • Coastal Engineering
  • 卒論:WRFによるフィリピンにおける風力エネルギー資源の定量的評価 (Quantitative assessment of wind energy resources in the Phillippines using WRF) (Feb. 2017)
  • Current affiliation: Sanoyas Shipbuilding Cooperation

3. Nguyen Van TRUNG (Vietnam)

  • Saitama University
  • Coastal Engineering
  • MS thesis: Numerical simulation for beach nourishment at Namiita Coast (Feb. 2017)
  • Current affiliation: Department of Civil and Environmental Eng., Saitama University

2. Rie FUJINO (Japan)

  • Saitama University
  • Coastal Engineering
  • 卒論:全球における非線形海面上昇トレンド評価 (Feb. 2016)
  • Current affiliation: KOMATSU

1. Eiji FUKAYA (Japan)

  • Saitama University
  • Coastal Engineering
  • 卒論:適合格子細分化法を用いた台風ハイエンによる高潮計算 (Feb. 2016)
  • Current affiliation: Graduate student, Department of Civil and Environmental Eng., Saitama University


 Before 2014(2014年以前)

25. Tsuyoshi IKEDA (Japan)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • 修論:インドネシアにおける表面気象特性の再現解析:降雨分布とENSO
  • Current affiliation : Nippon KOEI

24. Yoshihisa KATAOKA (Japan)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Japan Meteorological Agency

23. Dr. Arno Adi Kuntoro (Indonesia)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Lecturer, Department of Civil and Environmental Eng., Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

22. Dr. Adi Prasetyo (Indonesia)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Head of Experimental Station for Coastal Engineering, Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR)

21. Dr. Fitri Supurijo (Indonesia)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Cohesive and non-cohesive sediment transport, Estuarine processes
  • Current affiliation: Research Center for Water Resource, Ministry of Public Works, Bandung, Indonesia

20. Dr. Ade Wahyu (Indonesia)

  • Ecological Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Ministry of Environment & Forestry (MoEF), Indonesia

19. Dr. Achmad Yasir Baeda (Indonesia)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Tsunami modelling
  • Current affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Ocean Engineering, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

18. Chu Thi Thanh Huong (Vietnam)

  • Atmospheric and Environmental Science
  • Air pollutants modelling
  • Current affiliation: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ha Noi, VietNam

17. Stephanus Raden Kristiant (Indonesia)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Current affiliation: Ministry of Public Works, Jakarta, Indonesia

16. Ryohei ISSHIKI (Japan)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Current affiliation :

15. Dr. Kyeongok KIM (South Korea)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Storm surge and wave modelling
  • Current affiliation: Senior researcher, KIOST, South Korea

14. Dr. Haggag MOHAMMED (Egypt)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Impacts of climate change on the Nile River basin
  • Urban flooding due to Cyclone-induced heavy rainfall
  • Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Irrigation and Hydraulics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt

13. Satomi IWASHITA (Japan)

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Mooring force acting on a floating body

12. Kazumasa FUJIOKA (Japan)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Sediment transport in the Yangtze River delta

11. Daiichi NAGAYAMA (Japan)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Graduate School of Kyushu University

10. Dr. Fei DING (China)

  • Groundwater Engineering
  • Groundwater simulation considering the impacts of seawater intrusion and optimal water resource allocation
  • Current affiliation: College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Beijing University of Technology

9. Glenn BATINCILA (Philippines)

  • Hydrological Engineering
  • Water resource management in the Mindanao Island, Philippines, using the RES
  • Current affiliation: National Economic and Development Authority – Region 13, Butuan City

8. Shiyori OKUSA (Japan)

  • Environmental Science
  • Environmental impacts assessment of Changjian diluted water in the East China Sea

7. Shinya INADA (Japan)

  • Ocean Engineering
  • 修論:波力発電の導入に向けた波浪モデルよる日本近海における波エネルギー賦存量の推定

6. Kaori TORIKAI (Japan)

  • Ocean Engineering
  • Development of a wave power converter

5. Dr. Hendri (Indonesia)

  • Environmental Science
  • Carbon stock measurement in Papua, Abiki modelling
  • Current affiliation: Senior Lecturer, The State University of Papua, Indonesia

4. Tomohisa SHIMOYAMA (Japan)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • 卒論:渦解像度瀬戸内海流動モデルによる巨大津波伝播計算
  • 修論:瀬戸内海における巨大津波に対する潮汐の影響に関する数値解析
  • Current affiliation : IDEMITSU Kosan Co. Ltd, Chiba, Japan

3. Yutaro Fukaya (Japan)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Not decided

2. Tatsuya Onishi (Japan)

  • Ocean Engineering
  • wave energy convertor (WEC)

1. Tran Thi Khuyen (Vietnam)

  • Coastal Engineering
  • Coastal erosion in Central Vietnam