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New publications

We have three new publications already this year by chess lab members. Many congratulations!!

[Invited seminar] Prof. Miguel Esteban

IDEC SEMINAR SERIES #46 / PHIS SEMINAR SERIES #24 “Real adaptation to sea level rise around the world, and how can Japan decarbonize to help mitigation” Speaker: Miguel Esteban (PhD, Prof), Waseda University Date: 29th Jan 2024 15:00 – 18:00…
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[SMaSO-X Challenge Project: Research fund] Morhaf Aljber

Morhaf obtained the SMaSO-X Challenge Project research fund. Duration: Oct 2023 – Sep 2024 ”Optimal array design of tidal and offshore wind turbines in the Seto Inland Sea using large eddy simulation (LES) with adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and environmental…
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