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PhD defence of Vinayak

Bhanage Vinayak successfuly complete his final PhD defence online on 17 January 2023. He will obtain the PhD degree from IIT Bombay, India. Congratulations, Dr. Vinayak!

New publication

Hussainzada W., Cabrera JS, Samim AT, Lee HS.* 2023. Water resource management for improved crop cultivation and productivity with hydraulic engineering solution in arid northern Afghanistan. Appl. Water Sci. 13(2), 41. open access Abstract This study is presenting a multidisciplinary approach…
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[Excellent student scholarship] Jonathan and Morhaf

Jonathan Salar Cabrera and Aljber Morhaf from the CHESS lab were awarded the Excellent Student Scholarship in 2022 awards from Hiroshima University for their excellent academic performances. Congratulations!

[Invited seminar] KMA NIMS, Jeju, Korea

Lee HS: Wave climate projection in the western North Pacific and the extreme, KMA National Institute of Meteorological Science (NIMS), 9 December 2022, Seoguipo, Jeju, Korea. (Invited) Date: 9 December 2022 Title: Wave climate projection in the western North Pacific and the…
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[Conference] JSCE Coastal Engineering Conf.

Two presentations were made by Jonathan Salar Cabrera and Jae-Soon Jeong. Jeong J.-S., Lee H.S. and Mori N. Abnormal High Tides and Flood in Hiroshima Bay due to a Remote Typhoon-Induced Internal Surge, Japan Society of Civil Engineers (JSCE) CEC conference,…
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