Our researches are focusing on Coastal hazards, Water resource management, and Renewable energy for Safe, Secure, and Sustainable developments.

1. Understanding of the physical processes and the interactions of elements in coastal hazards and coastal disasters,
2. Evaluating and predicting those hazards and disasters, by using numerical models for atmosphere, waves, and ocean,
3. Investigating the potential impacts of long-term variability of disaster forcing such as typhoon activity and sea-level rise on coastal environment in a warming climate,
4. Water resource management in terms of the hydrological water cycle, wastewater treatment,
5. Coastal hazards and Flood: Risk and Sustainability Assessment.

For sustainable developments in developing countries of Asian regions in terms of energy supply,

5. Investigating current status of renewable resources (solar, winds and wave), and future resources and demands for sustainable energy supply,
6. Quantifying the future renewable energy resources in a warming climate by regional climate modeling,
7. Recommendations for sustainable energy policies based on the investigation and quantification.

See the research interests for more details.