Doctoral course(博士課程後期)

  • Radyan Putra Pradana (D3)
  • Research topic:
    • Projection of Indonesian urban climate with dynamic downscaling with WRF
    • Future TMY for major Indonesian cities
    • Long-term trend and climate variability for Indonesian cities
    • Relationship between urban climate and regional climate index
  • Research interests: Land-Ocean-Atmosphere interaction, renewable energy and environmental issues.
  • Hobby: Singing, travelling and culinary
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  • Jonathan Salar Cabrera (D3)
  • Research topic: Coastal and ocean health index (COHI) with machine learning algorithm for sustainable coastal zone development and management
  • Research interests: Spatial Data Analysis, Flood Hazard Modeling using GIS and AI
  • Hobby: Basketball
  • HU Excellent student scholarship 2022 awardee
  • Google Scholar

  • Wahidullah Hussainzada (D3)
  • Research topic: Sustainable water resource management and decision support using the WRF-Hydro and machine learning algorithms
  • Research interests: Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Hobby: Books, Volleyball, board games
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  • Chisale Sylvester William (D2)
  • Research topic: Renewable Energy Integration in Power Grids: A case study of Malawian cities
  • Research interests: Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency, Low Carbon Technology, Energy Management, energy system design and optimization, water-energy nexus, Internet of Things (IoT), Power systems and smart grid.
  • Hobby: Watching movies, music, writing, travelling
  • HU Excellent Student Scholarship 2023 Awardee
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  • Faiz Rohman Fajary (D2)
  • Research Topic: Generation of future Typical Meteorological Year (TMY) for designing low-carbon buildings in the tropical climate by using dynamical downscaling
  • Research Interest: Climate projection, Dynamical downscaling, Dynamic meteorology, Tropical climate
  • Hobby: Futsal and badminton
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  • Manuel Soto Calvo (D2)
  • Research topic: Design of the first electrical power system fully based on renewable energy sources for an island system of the Cuba Republic
  • Research interests:  Renewable Energy Systems, Electrical Supply, Smart Grids, Energetic Efficiency, Artificial Intelligence
  • Hobby: Play sports, Wildlife Photography, Hiking
  • Google Scholar, Research Gate

  • Zachary Williams (D1)
  • Research topic: Assessment and Optimization of Potential Power Generation from Renewable Energy Resources in Jamaica Considering Climate Change Impacts: A Case Study of an Island Nation
  • Research interests:  Climate Change, Renewable energy, Sustainable Development, Renewable Energy Powered Desalination
  • Hobby: Playing sports, Travelling, Listening to music
  • Google Scholar,

  • Morhaf Aljber (D1)
  • Research topic: Assessment of Tidal Power Potential in the Seto Inland Sea with Large Eddy Simulation (LES) with Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)
  • Research interests: Fluid-structure interaction and modelling, CFD
  • Hobby: Playing sports, travelling, reading, and hiking
  • HU Excellent student scholarship 2022 awardee

  • Ariuntuya Byambadorj (D1)
  • Research topic: Sustainable urban development strategy in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, with green infrastructure for urban climate and urban energy consumption
  • Research interests: Urban planning and development, climate change, model development, GIS, data analysis
  • Hobby: Hiking, gardening

Master course(博士課程前期)

  • Farhad Nayyer (M2)
  • Research topic: Urban flood management and risk reduction in Herat City
  • Research interests: Hydrological modelling, climate change impact analysis, flood inundation and vulnerability assessment 
  • Hobby: reading, volleyball, billiard and travelling

  • Arshad Mahmood (M2)
  • Research topic: Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Research interests:  Water Resources Management and development of new Water Resources
  • Hobby: Reading, Travelling, Cricket

  • Arif Kaiser (M1)
  • Research topic: Study the feasibility of On-Grid Solar PV system installation on roof tops of public and private offices in Bangladesh with net metering
  • Research interests: Renewable energy, Sustainable environment
  • Hobby: Reading, Watching movies, Travelling

  • Bunnarath Ouch (M1)
  • Research topic: A study on the relationship between port infrastructure master plan and drainage issues
  • Research interests: Contributing to developing a green city of Port along the Mekong River and improving the environment city is better for tourism and the economy.
  • Hobby: Travel

Research students(研究生)


Undergraduate course(学部)

  • Kota Morishige (B4)
  • Research topic: 自作漂流ブイによる広島湾およびその近海域における流れと沿岸環境モニタリング
  • Research interests: TBD
  • Hobby: Travel, Listening to music

  • Taiga Watanabe (B4)
  • Research topic: 広島湾および瀬戸内海における三次元流況解析に関する研究
  • Research interests: TBD
  • Hobby: Cycling

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