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How to make prepare own land use data for WPS/WRF

Tip 1 >
There is an option in the WRF namelist called surface_input_source which, if set to 1, will recompute surface inputs in real.exe. If you want to make changes in geogrid output and ensure they are not overwritten in real, you will need to set surface_input_source to 3.

Tip 2 >
need to change the LU_INDEX of file inside a polygon, or

Tip 3 >
modify the original USGS data file from the geog folder in WRF

Tip 4 >

change LU_INDEX for a specific grid point in geo_em file using the command:

>ncap2 -s ‘LU_INDEX(0,96,188)=13’

Then, check met_em* files if the above change passes through these files without any problem. Then, check wrfinput_xxx file from real.exe, if the LU_INDEX is changed or not. If the LU_INDEX in wrfinput_xxx file is not changed, then the problem occurs in namelist setup. Check the Tip 1 above to solve the problem.

Tip 5 > change the LANDUSEF parameter in geo_em* files as well in the same way

Tip 6 > The same procedure above can be applied for “topography height” in geo_em files if you want to update with your own DEM dataset for study region.

Tip 7 > more tools for the above process are available, for example, R, Python

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reference 1: Guevara Luna, M.A., Casallas, A., Belalcázar Cerón, L. et al. Implementation and evaluation of WRF simulation over a city with complex terrain using Alos-Palsar 0.4 s topography. Environ Sci Pollut Res 27, 37818–37838 (2020).

reference 2: Topographic sensitivity of WRF-simulated rainfall patterns over the North West Himalayan region, AshishNavale and CharuSingh,

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pdf document

ARWpost v3.1 compilation with intel compiler 19.1.3

To complete the ARWpost compile, modify “Makefile” in src directory as exactly below (add netcdff before netcdf), then clean, configure and compile again. It will work!

> -L$(NETCDF)/lib -I$(NETCDF)/include -lnetcdff -lnetcdf

GrADS script for data extraction