[The best master thesis awards] from CHESS Lab

Four CHESS Lab members successfully finish their public hearings for their master theses.
  1. Jonathan CABRERA (M2): Quantitative Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Flood-Prone Areas in Davao Oriental, Philippines
  2. Chanthephar KHATTIYAVONG (M2): Assessment and Improvement of Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment in Densely Populated Area in Vientiane, Laos
  3. Ariuntuya BYAMBADORJ (M2): Evaluation of Optimal Location of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ger Areas of Ulaanbaatar City using Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM) Analysis
  4. Muhammad Hadi Saputra (M2): Climate Change Impact on Species Distribution of Styrax sumatrana in North Sumatra using Maximum Entropy Modeling Approach
Moreover, Two of them have the best master thesis awards from our department, IDEC. Congratulations!

Jonathan CABRERA (M2), Muhammad Hadi Saputra (M2) : Link